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The Evolution of the TikTok Logo -A Brief History

A brand is represented by several things. The logo is one of the most important ones. TikTok application is no exception. This well-known social media platform has billions of members worldwide. This post is for you if you’re also interested in learning the reasoning behind the TikTok logo.

 Here, we will clearly explain everything about its logo. You will be amazed by this interesting information. Now let’s explore everything. First, we will discuss the kind of application that TikTok is.

TikTok, first known as, is a social media platform created by Zhang Yiming (CEO of ByteDance) that allow users to share their thoughts, feelings, and experience with their friends, family, and followers.

The Evolution of the TikTok Logo

Users can only create and share short-form videos with a global audience. TikTok has gained very significant popularity in the last few years, where hundreds of influencers are gaining fame.

So, as you know, our main point is all about what was the point behind the TikTok logo then we will stick to it.

If we talk about TikTok’s latest monogram, then it is clearly showing a sign of music with a black background. And a thing that can confuse everyone is the first name of TikTok was also named on music, “” The creators of TikTok also clarified that we developed this application only for music purposes, but as we go on, we have to change it to a social media-type platform.

But the logo still indicates that TikTok is still a music-listening app, but it all depends on its users, how they use it, and for what purposes they use it.


A black music note enclosed in a white speech bubble with a blue outline makes up the TikTok logo. Though basic, the design is efficient. It is instantly recognizable among millions of users worldwide.

Design of TikTok Logo

But why did TikTok decide to use this particular design for its logo? The answer is simple. They wanted to convey the message that the platform is all about music and sound. The speech bubble denotes interaction and dialogue, while the music note depicts the app’s musical elements. Any social media site must promote trust and security, which is why the speech bubble is blue.

The evolution:

The basic logo was introduced in 2016. Its color scheme was primarily black and cyan. But then again, the logo went through some refinements. The work was done on the symmetry of the logo. The color scheme was also adjusted.

Here are some unique points about the TikTok logo that can amaze you:

  • Its logo is among the most recognizable in the world despite having a basic style. A portion of this can be attributed to TikTok’s quick ascent to fame and broad appeal.
  • Due to its prominence as a brand sign, the TikTok logo has been included in a number of corporate partnerships and marketing initiatives.
  • Simplicity is highlighted in the TikTok logo design.
  • While the current TikTok logo features a black music note, the original logo features a red one. The change to a black music note would likely give the logo a more modern and sleeker look.

So, these are just a few unique points about the TikTok logo that were not discussed in the provided text. Now, let’s move toward the next part of this article.


So, this article was all about the hidden truth behind the TikTok logo. The TikTok logo is simple yet effective. Its design conveys the message that the platform is all about music and sound, and the blue color of the speech bubble represents trust and security. Although undergoing some changes over the years, the logo remains recognizable and iconic among its millions of users worldwide.
We hope this article helps you get answers about what you were looking for.

Why TikTok logo is a musical note?

It signifies that music has always played a significant role in the program.

Which music note is in the app’s logo?

The app’s logo contains the eighth note of music.

How many times this logo has been changed?

The logo of this app has been changed only once.

Who designed this logo?

There is no information available about the actual designer of this logo.

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