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How to Connect Deltawifi During Flight?

There was a time when flight companies did not use to provide Wi-Fi to their passengers. However, with time, flight companies started to offer free Wi-Fi, and some introduced less costly Wi-Fi facilities. People traveling through Delta Air Company are not aware of their accessible Deltawifi facility, and they do not know how to connect it.

In this article, we will give you a detailed insight into Delta flights and their free inflight Wi-Fi system. We will provide you with a step-by-step guide to connecting to the free Wi-Fi. You will get to know if it is safe to use. Read this article till the end to learn more.

What is DeltaWiFi?

Delta Airlines offers airborne internet (Delta Wi-Fi) service on selected flights (DeltaWiFi). They can log on to their devices to the WiFi network, including laptops, smartphones, or tablets to remain online during the flight. Its purpose is to leave the choice to passengers over whether they want to connect so that they don’t end up bored and can still communicate with friends and family members even during trips. For example, through the scheme, they will offer a free internet connection to their travelers. This helps Delta carry on its tradition of improving the experience while airborne by making it possible to watch movies, shop, work, chat, and just surf the Internet as a passenger in flight.

Does Delta Airlines Offer Free Wi-Fi?

Delta Airlines is the most premium airline in America. It was established in 1929, and these airlines are based in Atlanta. You can travel to around 52 countries through these airlines. When deciding to travel through Delta Flights, most passengers are concerned about their Wi-Fi services.

The answer to this question is that you can get free Wi-Fi with limited features like messaging, WhatsApp messages, and iMessage. But you must buy their internet packages if you want full internet access with audio and video calls, watch videos, and many more things.

They offer a bundle of packages you can subscribe to according to your budget. You can get different features and perks with every internet package. All he perks depend upon the subscription plan you have subscribed for.

How to Connect to Free Deltawifi?

If you are going to get into a Delta Flight and are looking for a guide to connect to the free Wi-Fi, follow this guide step by step.

  • After getting into your Delta flight, open your Mobile settings.
  • Turn the Airplane mode on.
  • Enable your Wi-Fi by turning it on.
  • Check the list of your available Networks.
  • You will see as an available network.
  • Click on it, and you will be redirected to Delta Airlines’ network portal.
  • The portal will take some time to load; be patient.

If you are having trouble loading the network portal, then you can go to your browser and search for

  • Select the package you have subscribed for.
  • Type your SkyMiles number or username.
  • Give your authentic account password.
  • If you have forgotten your password, then you should not be worried.
  • Enter your details from the SkyMiles account, such as your email, full name, and date of birth.
  • Click on the “Connect” button.
  • And you are good to use your Wi-Fi.

Do all Delta Flights Offer Free Wi-Fi?

The information is accurate if you are a Delta Airlines traveler and you believe that the airline provides free internet everywhere, then do not commit the mistake of trusting that individual. They do offer free wi-fi on most of their flights way but not all of them. Through this, one can surf the web with ease once on the plane. Nevertheless, they do make plans to provide Viasat Wi-Fi service on all their aircraft by the end of 2024. We are here to help you make this point that their Wi-Fi services are free for flying passengers and which are not.

Delta Planes with Free Wi-Fi

  • If you are traveling through Delta, Airbus A320, A319s, A321s and A320s will present free Wi-Fi services to you.
  • If your desired travel destination is the Boeing 737s, you will receive a free inflation Viasat Wi-Fi service.

Delta Planes without Wi-Fi

  • Concerning the main national crafts, free inflight Wi-Fi is unavailable for narrow-body planes like Airbus A220s and Boeing 717s.
  • A selection of wide-body aircraft for example Airbus A330s, Airbus A350s, and Boeing 767s, do not have any Viasat Wi-Fi.
  • Some regional jets, including CRJ and Embraer aircraft, do not offer free Wi-Fi services.
  • If you travel internationally to Canada or Mexico, you will get free Wi-Fi services.

Is the Viasat Wi-Fi Speed Good?

If we talk about inflight Wi-Fi services, then Viasat is one of the top inflight Wi-Fi service providers. If you expect your inflight Wi-Fi to be as good as on the ground, then this is impossible. But when you see that you are traveling 500 miles/sec, you are on height from the earth. The downloading and uploading speed is commendable.

Is it Safe to use free Deltawifi?

Although Delta Airlines is a premium airline company still when it comes to our data and privacy security then, the public networks cannot be trustworthy. Inflight Wi-Fi services help us to stay connected with our ones. However, we should perform all security measures to ensure the safety of our data. We have given some tips that can be followed to enhance your privacy and security.

  • It is straightforward for hackers to hack your devices connected to a public network, so make sure to use a good VPN while using flights Wi-Fi.
  • Do not allow permissions to unknown services from networks, no matter what.
  • Try to avoid transactions while using a public or inflight network.
  • Avoid typing your account passwords, credit card details, and pins while connected to your inflight Wi-Fi.
  • If necessary, then subscribe only to the messaging package on your flights.


Delta Airlines is one of the most premium airlines that offers free Deltawifi. You can enter your flight and connect to their inflight Viasat Wi-Fi by entering your SkyMiles account and password on their network portal. We have mentioned above some flights that do not offer any Wi-Fi services. Make sure to take safety measures while using public networks, as discussed above.

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