How to Find Long Tail Keywords and Increase Your Organic Traffic

Long tail keywords are the best source of getting organic traffic to your website instead of using paid sources. They are relatively easy to rank because of low competition. On the other hand, short-tail words have high difficulty and do not appear in the search results conveniently. However, it is challenging to get long keywords because of their low usage and less integration.

In this guide, we will provide complete details about how to find long-tail keywords to increase organic traffic.

What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Long Tail Keywords are the long phrases or comprehensive queries users search on Google and other search engines. These are crucial for the site in terms of content optimization and SEO. As mentioned previously, long keywords are not widely used, resulting in low competition and easy ranking. Therefore, you must consider utilizing the potential of these long phrases in your posts to help them rank higher in Google. Further, you can build authority on your site by writing comprehensive reviews and getting authority backlinks.

Best Ways To Find Long Tail Keywords

Finding long-tail keywords is a bit more challenging than their counterparts. You must be very methodical and calculative while extracting them. To help you in this hectic task, we have listed some best and most effective ways to find long tail words. Follow the below-mentioned guide and bring more organic traffic to your website.

1 – Hit & Trial Method

Although the hit-and-trial method is not accurate but is interesting and helps you predict the long tail keywords. You can search for different queries that come to your mind. Furthermore, consider yourself a visitor and try to determine what you will look for about a topic or product. Take gaming laptops as an example. The foremost thought that comes to our mind is their specifications. Hence, you can find a potential long-tail keyword, “What is the Specification of Gaming Laptop?” This approach is not considered authentic yet effective.

2 – Google Predictor

Whenever you write a query or word in Google Bar, it automatically suggests some searches trending in the world. Besides, you will also get the long phrases people look for more often. It is one of the best ways to find long-tail keywords. For example, when we write gaming laptops in the search bar, it shows multiple suggestions as elaborated in the image. From these results, we can find a keyword, “gaming laptops on installment.” As a result, we can incorporate them as supportive words.

3 – Forums And QnA Sites

Generally, the long-tail keywords are the queries, starting with how, what, why, which, where, and others. Thus, you can have a great collection of these words after searching the big forums and sites featuring the question and answer session. Quora is the biggest QnA platform where numerous people [post their queries. You can pick them to write a comprehensive review. Resultantly, the people who next ask that query will come across your posts, enhancing your website’s worth.

4 – Related Searches

In the previous sections, we talked about getting the words from suggestions and forums, you can also use the related searches to find the long-tail keywords. When we enter the query in Google or Bing, it also features some related searches at the end of the page, which you can utilize in your website to receive organic traffic. Google presents the most relevant and widely searched queries in these suggestions. Consequently, you can use them without any further consideration.

5 – Google Trends

Google Trends is famous for predicting the trends of a particular query. With its help, you can determine whether a specific keyword will benefit you in the near future. Besides, it also helps you find long-tail keywords. Just enter a query in Google Trends, and you will get insights about its popularity in different countries and related suggestions. Use them with main keywords to capture more users and increase organic traffic.

6 – Keyword Research Tools

Although keyword research tools are meant for short-tail words, some offer to extract long-tail keywords. Ahrefs and Semrush are the two most popular keyword research tools for finding searchable phrases. In this way, you can improve your site’s content quality and stuff your information page by writing reviews on these topics. It will not only help you drive more traffic but also indicates to Google the uniqueness and quality of your writing to take you to the top position.

9 – Competitors Analysis

If you are looking for the most convenient way to find long-tail keywords, analyze the competitors’ websites. Do a deep research of their articles and the site’s structure to understand how he incorporated the long-tail keywords in the content. One notable point is that always choose the top-positioned sites as competitors. The reason is that they have a tremendous amount of content. Ultimately, you will not suffer much while sorting the keywords and will get numerous from a single site.

10 – AI Tools

Technological advancement has led to the development of several tools which leverage Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning algorithms. You can also use them to generate long-tail keywords. ChatGPT is one of the leading AI innovations that has surprised the world with its exclusive features and incredible advantages. Besides the other benefits, it can generate compelling content and a list of potential keywords, as shown in the image. We asked this tool to generate long-tail keywords, and the results are quite outstanding.

Final Verdicts

In conclusion, finding long tail keywords is challenging for their less usage and saturation. However, they are the best source to improve the content’s worth and quality. In addition, they are also easy to rank due to low competition. We have listed some effective strategies to enable you to extract them conveniently. You can use keyword research tools alongside hit and trial and Google Predictor. Furthermore, AI tools have also made it easy to have your hand on long-tail keywords. That’s all about this guide. Stay tuned for more information!

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