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How To Fix Projector Screen Wrinkles – Guidelines

It is always an annoying experience to watch something over a wrinkled projector. It harms your experience and causes permanent damage to your projector if not fixed sooner. Therefore, fixing your project screen as quickly as possible is crucial.

Many people face this issue and do not take it seriously for fixing. This sometimes causes complete damage to the screen. In this article, I have presented some tips on how to fix projector screen wrinkles. Read out more.

What Causes Wrinkles on a Projector Screen?

A projector screen can get wrinkles due to several reasons. However, the most common ones are discussed below to help you avoid them.

Not stretching the screen properly:

This is one of the major causes of these wrinkles. Not stretching the screen properly is not good. There is a particular way of stretching them. If you don’t do it properly, it will get wrinkled.

Improper shipping and storage:

The second major reason for these wrinkles is improper shipping or storage. They are prone to temperature. You have to use them in an optimal environment. The temperature should not be too high or too low.

However, this rarely causes wrinkles. But you should avoid doing it anyway.

Temperature change:

Another reason for these wrinkles is a temperature change. These screens are made of vinyl material. This material can get damaged if the temperature is too high or too low.

These are some major causes of these wrinkles. Let’s take a look at methods you can employ to fix them.

How to Fix Projector Screen Wrinkles?

This is a constant headache for newbies as they deal with these wrinkles. Here’s how to fix projector screen wrinkles:

Method 1 – Use a Steam Iron:

The first method you can try to fix these wrinkles is using a steam iron. Since these irons can fix wrinkles on different types of fabrics, they can also work for your screen.

However, you have to do it very carefully. Ironing it too much or at a high temperature can further damage the screen.

Here are some tips for using this method correctly:

  • Use a high-quality iron.
  • Start with setting a low temperature. After that, keep on increasing it gradually if required.
  • Make sure to iron the screen by putting it on a flat surface.
  • Avoid pressing the screen too much.

Let’s move on to the next method now.

Method 2 – Fix it With a Steamer:

If you have a steamer, you may need to try other methods to fix these wrinkles. That is because using a steamer is one of the most effective ways to eliminate them. Let’s see how you can do it:

  • Hang the screen at a place where you can steam it quickly.
  • Now, start running the steamer on the backside of the screen. That is because using it on the front side can bring further trouble.
  • Slowly run the streamer on the screen for a few times. After that, let it cool for a while.

Hopefully, the wrinkles will disappear after a while.

Method 3 – Put the Screen in Sunlight:

Need an easier way to remove these wrinkles? Try out putting the screen in direct sunlight. This method may work for you. However, ensure not to put it out there for a long time.

Method 4 – Use a Hair Dryer:

A hairdryer can also help you fix these wrinkles. You can utilize this method similarly to the steamer method.

  • Hang the screen somewhere.
  • Start blowing air on it. Make sure you do it on the backside.
  • Let it get relaxed for a while. The wrinkles will be on their way out.

Method 5 – Hang Weights on the Bottom of the Screen:

Last but not least, hanging weights on the bottom of the screen can help you fix the wrinkles. It is a standard method we all use in our daily lives to fix wrinkles on different materials.

  • Hang the screen where you usually use it.
  • Now, hang some weight on the bottom of it. The weight can be in any form – a bundle of books, a bag, some big stones – anything that is handy.

It can take a while for this method to show its effectiveness.

Pro Tips to Avoid Projector Wrinkles:

Here’s how you can make sure of it:

  • Always stretch out the screen at the optimum length.
  • Store and ship it correctly.
  • Fold it properly after using it.
  • Use it in an optimal temperature environment.


To conclude, knowing how to fix projector screen wrinkles is important. That is because it can help you permanently save your screen from getting damaged. There are different reasons why your screen gets these wrinkles.

Similarly, there are different methods you can employ to get rid of them. We have discussed the causes and fixing methods in great detail in the information above. We have also discussed how you can keep your screen safe from getting wrinkled again. 

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