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How to Prevent Your Emails from Going to Spam

Email is a vital tool for communication in the modern digital world. However, you need to make sure your emails reach the intended inbox whether you’re a freelancer, business owner, or just use email for personal communication. As email service providers are working hard to stop spam, your carefully written emails can be incorrectly tagged and end up in the dreaded spam folder.

With the help of this article, you will be able to ensure that your emails reach the intended recipient and avoid ending up in spam folder.

Sometimes, the email algorithm gets irrelevant information from the sender, and it refers the email to the spam folder. If, in the future, the sender sends relative information, the algorithm will automatically refer the mail to the spam folder in the sense of preventing the receiver from irrelative information. Alternatively, if the IP address of the sender is not clear then the email automatically refers to the spam folder. It means there are some factors that insist email algorithms to refer emails in the spam folder. For instance, email authentication, sending without permission, attachments, and more. 

Why Prevent Emails from Falling into Spam?

Making sure your emails don’t get up in spam is essential to making sure your message gets to the people who should read it. When emails are marked as spam, they are completely missed by the recipient, which obstructs contact and may cause significant opportunities to be lost. This may be harmful to companies reaching out to clients with updates or promotions, or to those who depend on email for critical communications. You may greatly boost the likelihood that your emails will be noticed and responded to, promoting improved communication and helping you to achieve your goals, by taking action to enhance your sender reputation and create engaging, non-spammy content.

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How to Prevent Emails from Falling into the Spam Folder

Individuals or businesses that are facing the issue of falling emails into the spam folder need to know some practices. Therefore, we have compiled this comprehensive guide on how to prevent emails from falling into the spam folder.

Keep Warming Up Your Email

Imagine you are working or sending emails to others and an email lands in spam. If your email is logged in the Outlook Email, then it will show you that your mail is spammed. There are many ways to keep your emails warmed up:

  • Indicate to your provider that your emails aren’t spam.
  • Try to match the Human Behaviour.
  • Avoid spam filters

Further, you should make use of an email warm-up and delivery tool to prevent your emails from falling into spam. This approach will assist you in preventing your emails from landing in the spam folders.

Complete Your Email Authentication

If you are going to implement an email marketing strategy within your company and aim to reach out maximum audience, you should complete your email authentication. This process will ensure that your message is delivered to a vast audience without falling into their spam folders. Moreover, we have compiled a guide on authenticating an email.

Step 1- Set up Your Sender Policy Framework

The sender policy framework ensures that your emails are delivered from your domain efficiently and cognitively.

Step 2- Set up Your Domain Keys Identified Mail

Domain keys Identified (DKIM) help you understand that your email can’t be changed if it is sent once.

Step 3- Set up Your Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance is like a security guard that protects your emails from cyber attacks.

Step 4- Set up your Mail Exchange Record

The mail exchange (MX) record assists your provider in knowing if your server accepts your emails or not.

Step 5- Set up Your Custom Tracking Domain

The custom tracking domain enables you to know if your email is opened or not. Basically, it ensures that you know the click and open rates.

Don’t Use Spam Trigger Words

If you have completed the email authentication and also kept your email warmed up, then why do your emails land in spam? Then, there is a possibility of using spam trigger words that are considered inappropriate manners for businesses to increase sales. However, some of them are beneficial to use but have the capability to affect your email delivery. In this section, we have compiled some spam trigger words that you shouldn’t use. For instance, 100% free, congratulations! act now, you are a winner, not spam, LIMITED TIME OFFER, human growth hormones, and more.

Don’t Utilize Link Shorteners & Attachments

However, link shorteners are commonly being used by the company to enhance their conversion rates and sales but in phishing emails, they are also commonly used. Attachments like videos and images are being used by cyber attackers to find their target PC or individual. Moreover, all these elements can be used to attack someone easily, and hacking their PC is normal. That’s why you should avoid using these kinds of factors to prevent your email land in the spam folder. Instead, use a hyperlink strategy to engage your customers with your brand or insert the link to the landing page.

Don’t Use Complex HTML

Coders are efficient in coding practice and enable users to handle complex tasks being performed on emails. Sometimes, complex HTML codes carry broken codes that will trigger the provider. Further, it will refer your emails to the spam folder to prevent its users. You can use simple HTML codes that won’t trigger email providers and allow you to simply convey your messages. This approach will enable you to get the most out of your emails in terms of enhanced conversion rates and generate significant annual revenue.

The Closing Statement

Preventing your emails from going into spam helps you convey your message to your audiences and will enhance your annual revenue. In the above sections, we have compiled why your emails fall into spam and why it is necessary to prevent them from falling into spam. Moreover, we have also described some practical strategies to prevent emails from falling into spam folders efficiently. By doing so, you will be able to have access to a larger audience with clear goals and objectives.

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