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How to Use LinkedIn Analytics for Marketing Insights

Have you considered LinkedIn, a social media platform, as a marketing analysis tool for a business? Don’t tell, no, I don’t believe in you. How could you think that a platform only benefits individuals and not companies? Research shows that LinkedIn has become a great marketing tool for companies because its marketing posts reach five billion+ users.

If you are also an emerging business, then you should market your brand on LinkedIn by conducting LinkedIn analytics to gather marketing insights. Don’t you even know how to use LinkedIn analytics for marketing insights? No need to panic, I’m here to guide you. Let’s start!

LinkedIn analytics is data and stats that indicate a business’s behind the scenes (BTS) activities. Moreover, marketers can gain insights into how their target audience engages with their social media marketing campaign. You are also free to examine how many users have viewed your profile and how they interacted with your previous post.

In addition, you may also know how many people clicked your company page in the previous month. You can also get insights into your viewers, such as where they live, work, and what they do.

Businesses that are willing to conduct LinkedIn analytics for marketing insights and require a guide. I have compiled a guide on how to use LinkedIn analytics to provide them with marketing insights.

Step 1- Access LinkedIn Company Page

Firstly, you need to access the LinkedIn company page to start the process of getting insights into your back end. If you don’t have a company page, you need to create one before heading towards conducting analysis. For companies, LinkedIn provides exclusive features that enable them to know what is happening in the background.

Step 2- Navigate to the “Analytics” Tab

After accessing the LinkedIn company page, navigate to the “Analytics” tab. When you navigate to analytics, you will see your metrics about content, followers, visitors, competitors, and more. From these metrics, you can examine your overall performance and competition in the whole market. These insights will enable you to make improvements to your efforts to get better outcomes in the long term.

Step 3- Locate the “Brief Overview” Option

On the Analytics tab, you need to locate the Brief Overview option to get a brief overview of metrics. Would you like to know what your last month’s efforts brought? If yes, then you have to conduct a complete LinkedIn activity analysis for the previous month. This will provide some effective insights that assist you in knowing whether you need to improve your strategies or not.

Step 4- Examine Metrics

After locating the “Brief Overview,” you have to click on it to examine your metrics more comprehensively. Here, you will see metrics about the content, followers, visitors, competitors, and more. In this section, you are completely free to gather insights into critical factors, such as content and visitors.

Making reports is also crucial because it serves as a robust signal for improvements. In this section, I have compiled a guide to make a report on LinkedIn analytics for you if don’t know how to do so.

Step 1- Access the Company Page

You need to access your company page to start the process of making a report on LinkedIn analytics. Create a new company page if you don’t have already one to start the process of gathering insights. Remember one thing: only the admin can access the company page and conduct the LinkedIn analytics.

Step 2- Navigate to the “Analytics” Tab

After accessing the company page, you need to access the “Analytics” tab to proceed with the procedure further. Now, you can see multiple metrics, such as content, competitors, visitors, and more.

Step 3- Proceed to the Metrics Tab

Now, proceed to the preferred metrics tab. For instance, if you want to make a report on content metrics then proceed to the content metrics tab.

Step 4- Press the “Export” Button

After choosing the preference, you can press the “Export” button which is right on the left upper side of the screen.

Step 5- Select the Time Frame

Finally, your report is prepared to be saved just select the time frame like the previous one month or six months.

LinkedIn is one of the most helpful social media platforms that provides equal benefits to individuals and businesses. It’s most helpful feature is LinkedIn analytics tool that assist businesses in knowing what is happening in behind the scenes (BTS). What if you need to use it and don’t know how to use it? Don’t worry! In the above section, I have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to use LinkedIn analytics for marketing insights. You are also free to follow the guide properly to prepare a report of LinkedIn analytics for marketing insights.

Q1- Can I conduct the LinkedIn analysis individually?

The answer to this question is yes. You can conduct the LinkedIn analysis individually to know how other users interact with your account.

Q2- Does LinkedIn pay for views?

LinkedIn directly doesn’t pay for views but programs do. That’s why if you want to get paid then you have to join a program on LinkedIn. To start earning, respect a program to be joined and after approval, you will start earning.

Q3- Is LinkedIn analytics free?

Yes, LinkedIn analytics is completely free for all business profiles. It means LinkedIn allows users to conduct analytics and make improvements for better outcomes in the long term.

Q4- Can I monetize my LinkedIn account?

Yes, you can monetize your LinkedIn account by using this social media platform strategically and showcase your expertise. In this way, you will be able to generate a significant revenue for survival.

Q5- How many followers do I need to monetize my LinkedIn account?

If you are interested in monetizing your LinkedIn account, then you need one thousand followers at least.

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