6 Must-have Mobile Tools you Need on your Business Travel This Year

Anyone travelling for corporate purposes is likely quick to admit that such operations are anything but a whirlwind. For some, such activities may seem more perplexing than they actually should be. Yet, business travel is more and more unavoidable, for the U.S. economy hurtles towards a “soft landing” resolution, implying that business travel may drive forward. According to research, 74% of corporate travelers may undertake trips for business purposes, many of whom will be actively seeking out apps and platforms to facilitate their commutations and activities abroad.

As rapid tech evolution has speeded up numerous tedious processes undertaken before, during, and after business trips, streamlining itinerary management, booking, billing, record keeping, and more, we’re eager to present you with a rundown on the main apps you should check out before commencing your business travel this year.

Digital SIM card

Ever had your nerves stepped on by sluggish internet, hard-to-impossibly downloadable docs, urgent calls you were notified about long after missing them, and other annoyances that are the last thing you need when abroad? Regardless of what your answer may be, you need to come to terms with the fact that not every destination boasts the same Singaporean internet speed, nor will accessing the Starlink router be the sharpest move. Your internet connection will determine the quality of any other activity undertaken on your mobile while you’re crossing your borders.

For every situation implying your transition abroad, you want to be guaranteed a speedy, strong internet connection that won’t fail you even when your area is not covered – and this is anything but nonsense. eSIM cards are designed with these exact needs in mind, boasting the first place in travelers’ preferences on contracts and plans. Staying online overseas has never been easier and cheaper, as such services have truly flexible pricing depending on your needs, having your back in over 160 countries supporting this assistance. 

Whether it’s the hassle of switching physical cards, the hefty roaming fees abroad, the commonly sluggish internet connection, or other similar woes that you want to bid farewell to, it only takes a click to learn more about all the ways you can eliminate these worries and enjoy a stress-free business trip in a foreign land.  

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TravelPerk, employing about 1.2K individuals, is the exact platform a business traveler may need for expense and travel management, offering features to book corporate flights, cars, trains, accommodations, and many things in between. If you’re about to start your business travel checklist, know that this platform may be of great use if you’re looking into new ways to manage your trips more effortlessly. It aims at providing a faultless end-to-end management experience, targeting everything from bookings to reporting.

Moreover, TravelPerk provides live data and info on boundless aspects of your trip, including flights, hotels, or car rentals, assuming they align with the travel policy you’ve agreed with. For it can be used in Spanish, Italian, French, and German besides English, you can rest assured knowing you’re covering a pretty extensive range of dialects so that others can, too, use this app unhindered.

The app advances a starter plan offering five free-of-charge bookings in the 30 free-trial days.


With Expensify, the app designed to keep track of expenses and have them faultlessly sorted depending on their category and use, you can bid accounting-related stress goodbye within an app installment. The 12M+ current users of the platform apply the free features offered in different stages of their business trips and on various data, having travel booking, next-day reimbursement, expense tracking, corporate cards, bill pay, and invoicing, among other aspects, resolved and pieced together within one single app.

What may seem puzzling today can be astoundingly fixed when the right tool is employed, including tedious tasks like expense calculation and receipt management. Crafting expense reports on behalf of a company can be among the top deal breakers when engaging in such undertakings, for errors and mistakes may unintentionally and effortlessly seep in and leave a mess behind.

By tracking down every expense, receipt, invoice, and other similar documents, you remove the burden of receipt management and enjoy more time to focus on the factual purposes of your business trip.


Entrusted with sensitive data from over a thousand users, Camcard unquestionably ranks among the top platforms to manage vital info on behalf of account owners while gaining traction among those with the most critical docs to share with an online app. Camcard is business travelers’ go-to digital scanner of business cards, offering handy and trustworthy solutions for collecting and sorting contact info from other people.

This app stands out through the seamless data integration into the CRM software, streamlining and speeding up follow-up operations. Partners of this app trust this business card maker, which supports activities in 16 languages to date so that users speaking some of the most widespread dialects aren’t limited to English.


Imagine what finding yourself in a cash crunch in an unknown neighborhood in a foreign city would feel like. Indeed, it’s a minor thing you need when traveling, especially when business matters are at stake, such as prompt meetings or project deadlines. What do you do in this intimidating situation? Well, hopefully, you don’t go around asking locals where the closest ATM is located, but instead, access your account on your AroundMe app and address your query.

The software doesn’t just present you with the nearest outlet based on your location but also employs your device’s navigation software to walk you through a comprehensive list of every business within a specific area. Plus, you may pin your desired entries, discover more about different interest spots and find out the distance between A and B depending on your shared location.


Lastly, Navan is the app you need when you want to manage and streamline all of your loyalty info and bookings, being primarily seen as first-rate software by end users. What’s more, the service comes free of charge for corporate operations, so you’ll also save some bucks on your travel to foreign lands.

You can associate this app with a master itinerary for every critical piece of data of your trip, such as emails and numbers. Getting to receive tailored recommendations based on your needs and preferences will be another guaranteed perk with Navan. Just check it out if you want a rundown of all of its offerings.

So, what app have you been looking for all of your life and have just found it in the paragraphs above?

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