A Comprehensive Review of Pico 4 VR Headset

The introduction of modern VR headsets such as Meta Quest 2 led different companies to launch their own. That’s what ByteDance did with Pico 4 VR headset. Some experts even think that it is a better headset than Meta Quest 2.

ByteDance has kept comfort as its priority while designing Pico 4. The weight of the hardware is even distributed. This makes it possible to wear this headset for hours.

So, we’ve decided to review it. We will provide you with a thorough understanding of this headset. Today’s post will review some of this headset’s most significant features. Now, let’s get started right now.

We should begin with overviewing Pico 4 briefly. ByteDance released this headset back in 2022. One significant benefit of this headset is its PC game integration. You can connect it with your game library and enjoy VR games.

 Pico 4

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play a few games that are available on the Meta store. However, you can play several games directly from your Steam library. So, one thing is clear so far. This headset is capable of running different VR games without any difficulty.

Let’s move on to discussing some other aspects related to it.

Understanding the pricing and availability of Pico 4 is of great importance in this review. That is because this headset isn’t available in the US market.  This doesn’t have a specific cause. Good news for those of you who reside in Europe or Asia, though. There is an easy way for you to get this headset. Several well-known stores, including Amazon, sell it.

Its price can differ according to the circumstances. However, you can get it within an approximate range of $429 to $499.

Now, let’s discuss the design and build quality of this VR headset. Another edge this headset gives you over the Quest 2 is comfort. It’s super comfortable to wear. You won’t get tired even if you wear it for hours.

A major reason is that Pico 4 has divided its hardware weight into the front and back. In this way, the weight remains balanced, and the user doesn’t get tired. The overall build quality of this headset is outstanding. The inclusion of the strap over the top of your head is evidence of it. And don’t forget about the shroud that goes on your face. It all boosts up the wearing comfort.

So, let’s talk about the feature that has intrigued us the most – the display of the Pico 4.

This headset uses some new types of pancake lenses. It’s true that these lenses are a little expensive. But the experience they give is amazing.

They do it by decreasing the distance between the eyes and the display. If we talk about the technicalities, both lenses have a combined resolution of 4320 X 2160. They can run up to 90Hz while giving a field view of 105 degrees.

Pico 4 has a very decent battery life, according to our experience. It lasts somewhere between 2 to three hours. This life is similar to the Meta Quest 2. It also charges similarly with a USB-C cable.

Another thing that gave us a familiar feeling is its controllers. That is due to its button layout. It’s similar to Quest 2. It has:

  • Two raised buttons
  • Two flat buttons
  • Two grip triggers
  • An analog stick

Both of the controllers have AA batteries, of course. The vibrating haptics is another thing that I liked about the controllers. It can be a little punchy but gives a nice feeling. However, you’ve got to keep in mind it is not as efficient as the upcoming Quest 3.

One thing I didn’t find very special about the Pico 4 VR headset is its software. That is because it runs on Android. So, you’ll see many familiar UI features as you did in Quest 2.

This headset’s app library is also something we must discuss here. Well, it may be a little disappointing for you. That is because it is missing some very important applications and games.

The Quest 2 has far more apps and games on it. For example, you can’t find Beat Saber and Population One on it. “But these are Meta-owned titles!” Well, yes. But you also won’t find Resident Evil 4 and Moss here as well.

The same case is with the apps. Apps like Tiltbrush and Rec Room can be found here. However, the VRChat, Microsoft’s AltspaceVR, along with several other apps are missing. So, these are some of the most important aspects of Pico 4 that can help you understand its true nature.

All of this brings us to the question…

Answering such questions has never been this easy for us. It’s almost crystal clear.

Buy it if:

  • You are on a budget and yet need a VR headset.
  • The comfort is your first priority while using VR headsets.
  • You want to play PC VR games.

Don’t buy it if:

  • You’re not in Asia or Europe.
  • You’re looking for the best VR headset ever.

Closing Statements

Pico 4 has become very popular recently. Experts think that it is the right competitor of the Meta Quest 2. This statement is true to some extent. This headset is better than the Quest 2 in a few ways. It also lacks some features.
We have reviewed this product in great detail in the information given above. It can help you know whether or not this headset is right for you.

Is Pico 4 the best VR headset?

Certainly not. There are other models available that can offer better features.

Can I purchase this headset in North America?

No. It is not possible to purchase this headset in North America?

Where can I buy this headset from in Asia?

You can purchase this headset from different online retailers in Asia such as Amazon.

Can this headset play PC VR games?

Yes. This headset has the capability of running PC VR games.

Does Pico 4 depend on any other device to operate?

No. Pico 4 does not depend on any other device to operate. That is because it has its own software system in it.

Does each lens have its own resolution?

Yes. Each lens of this headset has its own separate resolution (2160 X 2160).

Do  I get a passthrough camera in it?

Yes. This headset has a passthrough camera in it.

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