Top 8 Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) tools in 2024

Efficiency and agility have become important in the field of software development. Businesses continuously seek methods to improve customer satisfaction, delivery, and process efficiency. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is one method that has become quite popular. SAFe is a complete, adaptable framework for bringing Agile and Lean manufacturing methods to the business level. There are now several technologies available to support SAFe installations. These tools enhance collaboration, streamline communication, and improve overall project management. They provide functions such as planning boards, schedule management, and practice reporting to help teams effectively plan, track, and deliver software projects. To meet the changing needs of businesses in 2024, these tools will undoubtedly continue to develop and provide even more advanced capabilities as the demand for SAFe grows.

In this blog post, we will talk about Top Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) tools in 2024.

Top Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) tools in 2024

In 2024, these top SAFe tools will help organizations achieve their goals more effectively:

  1. Jira Software
  2. VersionOne
  3. Targetprocess
  4. Rally Software
  5. Planview LeanKit
  6. AgileCraft (now Jira Align)
  7. Kendis

Jira Software

Jira Software has long been a favorite among agile and SAFe practitioners. In 2024, it will remain a top choice for many organizations. Jira provides massive support for SAFe implementations through its SAFe Program Board and SAFe sprint. It also releases planning templates and integrates them with SAFe concepts like PI (Program Increment) and Lean-Agile principles. Its flexibility and extensive add-on marketplace make it a versatile tool that can be tailored to meet specific organizational needs. Jira’s popularity stems from its ability to effectively manage complex projects and provide real-time visibility into team progress. Jira’s user-friendly interface and powerful reporting capabilities make it a valuable tool for organizations looking to optimize their agile processes. 


VersionOne, now part of CollaborNet VersionOne, is a dedicated SAFe tool designed to help organizations implement the framework. It offers a complete SAFe implementation, from the team to the portfolio level, with features such as PI planning, value stream mapping, and advanced analytics for performance monitoring. It’s an ideal choice for organizations that want a one-stop solution for SAFe. VersionOne integrates with popular agile tools like Jira and Azure DevOps, enabling organizations to adopt SAFe practices and streamline agile processes, eliminating manual data entry and duplicate efforts.


Targetprocess is a visual management tool that has gained popularity for SAFe implementations. Its highly customizable boards and views allow teams to visualize their work, track progress, and manage work items. Targetprocess provides templates and integrations that specifically cater to SAFe, such as PI planning, and offer real-time visibility into the program’s progress. Targetprocess enhances agile processes by automating data entry, reducing duplicates, and providing customizable boards for clear visualization, allowing teams to focus on value delivery.

Rally Software

Rally Software, now part of Broadcom, is another SAFe-focused tool that supports scaling Agile at the enterprise level. It offers features like PI planning, dependency management, and advanced reporting, making it a suitable choice for organizations adopting SAFe. Rally also provides integration capabilities with other tools in the software development lifecycle. This integration allows seamless collaboration and data sharing across different teams and departments. Rally Software’s user-friendly interface and extensive documentation make it easy for couples to adopt and utilize the tool effectively and quickly. 

Planview LeanKit

Planview LeanKit is a visual project management tool that provides flexibility and a SAFe framework template, making it a good fit for organizations following the framework. It supports features like PI planning, program management, and lean portfolio management, allowing teams to work collaboratively and deliver value consistently. Teams can easily visualize and identify problems in their workflow with Planview LeanKit’s customizable Kanban boards and real-time analytics. Productivity increases and team communication is streamlined due to its integration capabilities with other well-known project management tools. 

AgileCraft (now Jira Align)

AgileCraft, now known as Jira Align, is a comprehensive SAFe tool focusing on alignment and collaboration across the entire organization. It offers features like PI planning, portfolio management, and visualizations that help organizations implement SAFe effectively. Its integration with Jira further enhances its capabilities. Jira Align provides a centralized platform for teams to plan, track, and execute their work agilely. With its robust reporting and analytics capabilities, organizations can gain valuable insights into their agile processes and make data-driven decisions. Jira Align’s scalability allows it to support large enterprises with multiple teams and complex projects. 

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Kendis is a SAFe-specific visual tool that assists with PI planning, dependency management, and program management. It offers collaborative features that make PI planning sessions more interactive and efficient, making it a valuable asset for organizations implementing SAFe. Kendis provides practical team progress tracking, facilitates collaboration and decision-making, and enhances efficiency and successful implementation of SAFe practices through its user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards. is a versatile work operating system that can be adapted for SAFe implementations. It provides a high degree of customization to tailor boards, dashboards, and workflows to match SAFe principles. Its user-friendly interface and integrations with other tools make it an attractive choice for those looking for SAFe support. offers collaboration features that allow teams to communicate and work together on SAFe projects efficiently. Its real-time updates and notifications keep everyone informed and aligned, promoting effective teamwork and timely decision-making. With its flexibility and scalability, can accommodate the needs of both small and large organizations implementing SAFe practices. 


In 2024, the Scaled Agile Framework will remain a powerful approach for organizations looking to improve their agility and deliver value at scale. To successfully implement SAFe, selecting the right tool is crucial. The top SAFe tools listed here offer a range of features and capabilities, making it easier for organizations to customize their approach and effectively scale Agile and Lean practices to the enterprise level. SAFe tools streamline processes, enhance team collaboration, and align across levels, providing valuable insights for continuous improvement and adapting to market demands, enabling organizations to scale Agile practices confidently. The choice of tool will finally depend on the unique needs and preferences of each organization, but these top SAFe tools provide a strong foundation for success in 2024 and beyond.

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