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Comic reading has become a trend these days. Every other individual is seen reading a comic book. But with the innovation in the digital world, people have started preferring digital comics. An Android software called Ehviewer was created specifically with manga readers in mind. It enables you to read comics in the most practical manner possible.

Although comics can be read directly online, sometimes their format might not be suitable for your display. EhViewer app will optimize the comic to make it fit for reading on your mobile’s display.

We will go into great depth regarding this software in this blog. We’ll talk about the kind of app that it is. We’ll next look at how to download this app on your Android phone after that. Now let’s get going.

Ehviewer is a mobile comic reading app that offers multiple reading features. They are designed to enhance your comic reading experience. You can do multiple things on it. For example, it allows you to zoom in on the text. This makes reading a lot easier. Besides this, you can save your progress as well.

You can create a separate collection of your favorite comics. By doing this, you can make them more easily accessible.


Downloading and installing the EhViewer app is very easy. Follow these guidelines to do it:

  • Open your browser.
  • Search for the official website of Ehviewer.
  • Open the link that is shown in the image given below.
  • Now, click on the “EhViewer Download Page” option.
  • Once again, click on the “Download” button.
  • Go to the download location of the file after downloading is completed.
  • Click on the “downloaded file” and start the installation.
  • App icon will appear on the screen once the installation is completed.
  • Open the app and start enjoying comics digitally.

There are some prestigious features of this comic reading application that make it one of a kind.

We have mentioned these features as follows.

Huge Comic Library

They offer an extensive library of comics and Mangas within the app for their readers. No matter what kind of comics you like to read, you can search for any genre, and you will get one because they have something for everyone.

Text Zooming Feature

Suppose you feel uneasy reading small text on your mobile phone, them you do not need to be worried because they have a solution for you. They offer a feature to zoom in on the text of the comics you are reading. Zoom the text as much as you want and read with complete ease. This feature ensures your eye’s comfort by enlarging the content.

App Personalization

You can personalize the app according to your aesthetics and comfort. You can change the theme of the app, landing page, icon personalization, text width and many more things that are not possible with other apps. They offer this personalization to make the app more user-centric.

Offline Reading

You might be thinking that it is only an online comics-reading app, but we have a piece of good news for you. It does not only offer online reading but offline reading, too. You can search for your favorite comics and download them on your device. You can customize the resolution of images and the size of the file.

Create a Collection

You can build a whole collection of your favorite Mangas by bookmarking them. It would be difficult to find your favorite comics anymore because you can create a collection and place them in a separate folder. Just open a comic and tap on the heart sign to make it more preferred comic.

Free and Safe App

This app is completely free, you do not have to buy any subscription. One of the biggest concerns about a free app is that if it is secure or not. This app is very safe to use. It does not give your mobile phone any viruses or malware. Just make sure to download the app from a safe source.

Easily Navigable UI:

This app has a very user-friendly interface. Being able to easily search comics is an example of it. There is no complexity in using it. You won’t get confused at all.


Ehviewer is a mobile comic reading app that offers multiple reading features to enhance your comic reading experience. There are multiple reading features on this app that make it worth trying. This app is really popular among comic readers these days. You can download and install its APK file by following the above-given instructions. We hope this guide was helpful for our readers.

Is the EhViewer application free to use?

Yes. The EhViewer application is completely free to use.

What type of comics can I read on this app?

You can read almost every type of comic on this application.

Can this app run in any comic format?

No. Some formats may not work on this application. So, be careful before reading them on this app.

How can I ensure my device’s safety while downloading this application?

You can ensure the safety of your device by using a VPN service while downloading this application.

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