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why is twitter so slow
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4 Reasons Why is Twitter so slow and How To Solve Them

Are you facing slow Twitter speeds? And want to know why is twitter so slow? If yes, this quick guide is going to assist you.

Slow loading times are annoying since they cause you to waste your precious time. You are not supposed to wait for several minutes to check out a tweet or a video from one of your contacts.

There should be a workable solution to fix slow loading times. Unfortunately, you cannot be 100% sure what’s causing your Twitter app to work sluggishly.

Here are four common reasons behind slow Twitter working and what you can do to solve them for faster speeds.

1. Because of your Twitter cache

The cache is the most common reason behind the slow working of your Twitter app. Most of the media and web files are cached on this particular social media platform. They are meant to let Twitter work faster on your device, but unfortunately, they accumulate with time.

As a result, Twitter starts to work slower on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. That is why you need to clear your Twitter cache on a monthly or weekly basis.  

2. Because of VPN

Many users do not realize that keeping your VPN turned on can also cause Twitter to load slower. This is because they put an extra burden on your device’s temporary storage and make it sluggish. As a result, you do not get the same speeds while running Twitter.

If you are facing slow speeds, try switching your VPN off.

3. Because of your old app

In most cases, people do not even think about this particular aspect. They keep using the old/outdated app on their device without realizing that they should update to the latest version. New versions of applications come with bug fixes and a lot of enhancements. 

That’s the reason you should consider updating your Twitter app to experience faster performance.

4. Because of the down Twitter servers

This is not too often and could happen once in a blue moon. However, that’s a valid reason behind slow Twitter speeds. If the server is down, Twitter may not perform well and make you wait for a long time to see tweets from your contacts.

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