List of the Best Electric Car Charging Apps in Australia

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is getting bigger in Australia. An increasing number of Australians are choosing electric vehicles (EVs) as their primary form of transportation as awareness of sustainability and reducing carbon footprints grows. But among prospective and existing EV owners, there’s one issue that frequently comes up: “Where can I charge my car?” Thankfully, a variety of cutting-edge applications for charging electric cars are eliminating this worry. These apps are not just about finding the nearest charging station; they are transforming how drivers interact with the EV ecosystem, offering convenience, efficiency and a seamless charging experience.

At the forefront of this digital revolution is the Bonnet app, known for its extensive charging network and transparent pricing. However, the Australian market has more to offer. Apps like Zecar, Evie Networks, ChargeFox and JOLT Australia are also paving the way for hassle-free electric driving across the continent. Each of these apps brings something unique to the table, from expansive network coverage to user-friendly interfaces and innovative features. On that note, this article delves into the details of these top charging apps, exploring their features and how they are simplifying the EV experience for Australians.

An Overview of the Best Electric Car Charging Apps in Australia

1- Bonnet: Simplifying EV Charging for Individuals and Businesses


Bonnet has emerged as the best EV charging app in the EV landscape, renowned for its user-friendly interface and extensive network. While primarily operational across Europe, the Bonnet app’s approach is highly relevant to Australian users. Its most notable feature is the transparent pricing structure, offering a clear view of the costs associated with charging at different stations. This transparency is crucial for individual users planning their travel budgets and businesses managing the costs of electric fleets.

Moreover, Bonnet’s Dash feature provides an innovative solution for businesses transitioning to electric vehicles. It offers real-time fleet data and analytics, enabling fleet managers to make informed decisions about charging schedules and vehicle usage. The app’s ability to streamline fleet management processes is invaluable, offering insights into the most efficient use of EVs and optimising operational costs.

For individual users, the Bonnet app simplifies the charging process by providing real-time information on the availability and compatibility of charging stations. Its comprehensive coverage ensures that drivers can easily locate a convenient charging station, significantly reducing range anxiety and enhancing the overall EV experience. Additionally, the app’s straightforward monthly fee system offers predictability and ease of use, making it an attractive choice for regular EV users.

2- Zecar: Tailored Charging Solutions for Australian Drivers


Zecar has made a significant impact in the Australian market by providing tailored EV charging solutions. Designed to meet the particular needs of Australian EV drivers, Zecar offers an extensive range of charging options, ensuring accessibility and convenience across various locations. The app stands out for its real-time data on station availability and compatibility, a feature that is particularly beneficial for drivers on long journeys or in unfamiliar areas.

Zecar’s focus on user experience is evident in its intuitive interface, which allows drivers to quickly locate suitable charging stations. The app also provides detailed information about each station, including charging speeds and types of connectors, making it easier for users to find stations that match their vehicle’s requirements. This attention to detail and commitment to providing relevant information make Zecar an essential tool for EV drivers in Australia.

3- Evie Networks: Expanding Australia’s Charging Infrastructure

Evie Networks is leading the charge in expanding Australia’s EV charging infrastructure. The company’s mission to establish a comprehensive network of fast-charging stations addresses a growing need for efficient and accessible EV charging solutions. By focusing on the installation of rapid chargers, Evie Networks is making EV ownership more practical and appealing, especially for those who undertake long-distance travel.

With the smooth user experience provided by the Evie Networks app, drivers can find and utilise fast-charging stations with ease. The app offers the most recent details on every station, including as payment choices, charging speeds, and availability. This degree of specificity guarantees that consumers may efficiently schedule their charging pauses, reducing downtime and improving the convenience of EV travel in general.

4- ChargeFox: Pioneering Fast-Charging Across the Continent


ChargeFox has established itself as a trailblazer in Australia’s EV charging sector. The app offers access to a vast network of charging stations, including many ultra-rapid chargers, making it an ideal choice for EV drivers seeking quick and efficient charging solutions. ChargeFox’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its use of renewable energy at many of its charging stations, aligning with the environmental ethos of EV drivers.

The ChargeFox app is designed to be user-friendly, providing real-time information on station locations, availability, and charging speeds. The app’s interface is intuitive, making it easy for drivers to manage their charging sessions, track their usage, and even access special offers. ChargeFox’s innovative approach to EV charging, coupled with its focus on rapid charging technology and sustainability, positions it as a leading app for EV drivers in Australia.

JOLT Australia: Free Charging Solutions for Urban Areas

JOLT Australia

JOLT Australia is revolutionising urban EV charging with its unique offer of free charging solutions. Recognising the challenges of accessing convenient charging options in city centres, JOLT provides a network of easy-to-use, accessible charging stations. This service is particularly beneficial for urban residents and commuters, offering a practical solution for quick battery top-ups.

JOLT’s approach not only promotes the use of EVs in urban areas but also introduces new users to the benefits of electric driving. The app’s interface is straightforward, enabling users to locate available charging stations, check their charging status, and even reserve a charging slot. By providing time-limited free charging, JOLT Australia is enhancing the attractiveness of EVs in city environments, contributing to the growth of sustainable urban mobility.

The Bottom Line

As Australia strides forward in its journey towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, these EV charging apps are playing a crucial role. They are not mere digital tools but are pivotal in enhancing the EV driving experience. From Bonnet’s transparent and extensive network approach to Zecar’s tailored solutions, Evie Networks’ expansion of fast-charging stations, ChargeFox’s commitment to rapid and renewable energy charging, and JOLT’s innovative free charging model, these apps cater to the diverse needs of Australian EV drivers. Furthermore, they guarantee that switching to electric cars is not only a convenient and pleasurable decision, but also an environmentally friendly one. These apps will surely be at the forefront of innovation and ensure that electric driving is affordable, effective, and easily incorporated into daily life as the EV market in Australia grows.

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