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How To Cancel Adobe Subscription Without Fee

Are you concerned about the high prices of design tools because they might not align with your design strategies? Some graphic design tools allow users to cancel their subscriptions without a total refund. You should know that Adobe is no different. When you access Adobe, it will ask for a subscription, and if you don’t align with Adobe Suite, you can cancel Adobe subscription without a fee.

Cancelling a subscription without a fee ensures that you’re not wasting your money but getting value. If you also want to cancel your subscription and don’t know the method, don’t worry! I have compiled a comprehensive guide on canceling Adobe subscription without fee.

Why do you need to cancel your Adobe subscription? Yes, it is a legitimate question to ask yourself, right? So, what is your answer? You know what? When something is not compatible with your goals and objectives, you should learn to let it go. The reason behind this is that these things will hinder you and your success whether they are helpful to others. Sometimes, things get possibly great for someone and possibly unbeneficial for someone. Not everything is meant to be on your side.

This is also a fact for Adobe Suite. It may be helpful for others, but it can’t be for you. These are the reasons why you should cancel Adobe subscription to get better outcomes. Further, you can go for another company’s suite that will better align with your strategies.

Terms to Cancel Adobe Subscription

Adobe presents some terms to users before subscriptions and cancellation of the plan. Here are some terms to cancel Adobe subscription. Your payment will be refundable only if you cancel your Adobe subscription before 14 days of the subscription.

  • Month-to-Month Subscription: When you cancel your subscription after 14 days, then you will not going to be paid. Further, your subscription will be cancelled.
  • Annual Contract: You should cancel Adobe subscription before 14 days of your subscription, if not, then your half payment will not be refunded.
  • Multiple Years Contract: When you cancel your subscription after 14 days, your payment won’t be refunded.
  • EDUCARD: When you cancel the subscription after 14 days, your payment won’t be refundable.

Cancel Adobe Subscription – Simple Steps

Here are some easy steps to cancel Adobe subscription without a fee.

Step 1- Sign in to Your Subscription Account

Firstly, you need to sign in to your account, on which you have an Adobe subscription, to proceed with the procedure. Search for Adobe on a new tab on your Internet browser to access the Adobe site and go to its plan section. Alternatively, you are free to access the site through this link:

Sign in to Your Subscription Account

Step 2- Click on Manage Plan

In addition, you will be on the plan page, where you can see multiple options, including the “Manage Plan” option. Here, you need to click on the manage plan option to get started with the procedure for cancelling your Adobe subscription. You are free to change your subscription plan because of several reasons, like additional features and different capabilities.

 Click on Manage Plan

Step 3- Cancel Your Plan

In the managing section, you need to click on the “Cancel Plan” button to cancel Adobe subscription accurately. However, it is not your final step, but you may say that it is the initial one to start cancelling your subscription. Sometimes, the server may be busy. If it does for your turn, then it is better to continue the process after 24 hours.

Cancel Your Plan

Step 4- Continue to Cancel

After clicking on the “Cancel Your Plan” button, a pop-up will appear on the screen. A pop-up will have two options: continue to cancel and no. You need to click on the first option, which is to continue to cancel.

This is also an essential confirmation to cancel Adobe subscription accurately and get a refund quickly. Further, it is a way to save money and invest your time on another platform.

Step 5- Select Reason

After the pop-up, you have to provide a reliable and authentic reason to cancel Adobe subscription and get a refund. Therefore, you must give a reason that is easy to understand, and Adobe will consider it as a potent issue for canceling your plan.

You can give authentic reasons like you don’t see further approach on Adobe Suite. It feels offensive, but it is a genuine reason for your cancellation.

Step 6- Confirm Cancellation

Finally, you are on your last step, where your cancellation will be completed. After providing an authentic reason to cancel Adobe subscription, click on the confirm cancellation. In this way, your subscription will be cancelled, and after a few days, your payment will be deposited into your bank account.

The Closing Remarks

Adobe Suite is a comprehensive set of graphic design, video editing, web development, and photography tools. It provides users with a comprehensive approach to creating engaging content for their target audiences.

However, it can only be accessible with a subscription plan, but you can cancel your subscription easily. If its features don’t align with your business approach, then you can easily cancel its subscription without a fee. I have compiled a guide on how to cancel Adobe subscription without a fee in the above section.


Q1- What is an Adobe used for?

Adobe is a Suite that is useful for several tasks, like graphic design, video editing, photography, and web development.

Q2- Is Adobe an app or software?

Adobe is software that enables users to use its features after buying its subscription plan. Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer, or video editor, it has something for all of you.

Q3- When did Adobe found?

Adobe software was founded in December 1982 by Dr. Charles Geschke and Warnock (Co-founder).

Q4- Who is the CEO of Adobe?

The chief executive officer of Adobe software is Shantanu Narayen, who is from Hyderabad, India.

Q5- What is Adobe AI called?

Adobe Sensei is the Adobe AI version of the simple manual Adobe version that utilizes AI to automate some tasks effectively.

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