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How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac – Best Ways

Understanding how to perform different actions on a Mac can help you get the most out of it. Knowing how to download YouTube videos on Mac is one of them. We watch YouTube videos all the time. They both educate and entertain us. Most of the time, people watch these videos online.

But sometimes, we may need to download them for different reasons.

It’s not possible to download videos directly from YouTube. So, you have to use different methods. We’re going to cover these methods in today’s article. Let’s start.

Downloading YouTube videos on Mac can be of great help. You can watch them any time later after downloading. This also helps when you are not connected to the Internet.

The following methods can help you download YouTube videos on your Mac.

Method #1 – Using an online tool:

This method is among the most common and efficient ways to download videos from YouTube. Hundreds of tools are accessible online to download videos from YouTube.

All of them are engineered to convert videos into downloadable files. You can utilize them to get any video you want from YouTube directly on your device. So, let’s see how to execute this method.

Step – 1:

 You must first locate a reliable YouTube downloading program. It’s very simple. Just search for them on Google. You will get links to these tools. Pick any of these tools.

We’re going with the top result for demonstrational purposes.

Step – 2:

These tools use links to the videos in order to download them. So, you have to provide them with this link.

To do that, navigate to the YouTube video you wish to download. Click the “Share” button now.

Now, you can click on the “Copy” button to get this link.

Step – 3:

Now, go back to the tool. Paste the copied link into the link box.

The downloading starts automatically after you input the link in some tools. For some, you have to click the “Download” button.

Make sure to select the quality if this option is given on the tool. Click the “Download” button after that to get it on your device.

Method #2 – Using Third-Party Applications:

Just like using online tools, you can try out third-party applications to download YouTube videos. There are many of them available to download.  

Again, for demonstration, we’re going to use one of them. We’re going with the “4K Video Downloader” app. Let’s see how to download videos with it:

Step – 1:

Installing and downloading this software on your Mac is the first step. It can be found on their official site.

Step – 2:

The second step is similar to the one covered in the “tool” method. Simply copy the video link from YouTube.

Step – 3:

Now, open this application. After that, click on the “Paste Link” option.

Step – 4:

You’ve got to select the video quality before beginning the downloading process. So, pick the one that you want.

Next, select the “Download” option to save it to your Mac.

Method #3 – Directly Download on YouTube:

This method of getting YouTube videos is not very effective. That is because you won’t get the video on your device actually. Instead, it’s going to get downloaded to your YouTube account.

It is, however, a fairly secure method of downloading these videos. Let’s examine the process.

Step – 1:

Open the YouTube video you wish to download. Beneath it, there will be a “Download” button.

Click on this button.

Step – 2:

Now, select the video quality of your requirement.

Click on the “Download” button again. The video will take a while to get downloaded depending on its duration and quality.

You can find the downloaded videos in the “Downloads” section.

Method #4 – Using Screen Recorder:

Well, it’s not actually downloading the video. But it can get you any video on your Mac. You can use the screen recording feature for that.

There are no major steps involved in this process. You just have to open the video first. After that, use the screen recording feature to save the video. The drawback of this step is that recording the video requires watching the entire video.

So, that’s how to download YouTube Videos on Mac by using different methods.

Here are some additional tips that can help you with downloading YouTube videos.

  • Choose an online tool that gives multiple video quality options.
  • Choose the tool and application that are safe to use.
  • Avoid reusing copyrighted videos.
  • You can buy premium YouTube to download high-quality videos within your account.

Knowing how to download YouTube videos on Mac is useful. That is because we often need these videos on our devices for several purposes. A bunch of different methods can be used to get these videos. We have discussed the top 4 of them in the information given above.

These methods are authentic and safe to use. In the end, we have discussed some tips as well. They can help you out in downloading YouTube videos the right way.

Is using a third-party application for YouTube video downloading safe?

It depends on what application you are using. Some are safe, some not. We recommend using only popular apps.

Can I get videos on my Mac storage with YouTube Premium?

No. You can’t get videos on your device with YouTube Premium.

Can I reuse copyright-free downloaded videos?

Yes. It’s completely fine to reuse copyright-free videos after downloading.

 Can I download 4K videos with the help of YouTube downloader tools?

There are a few YouTube downloader tools available that allow users to download 4K videos.

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