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Protecting Your Phone with a Stolen Phone Finder App

Smartphones have become a necessity for modern-day individuals to stay connected with their family and friends. However, it provides individuals with various features like connectivity and others, but it can be stolen. You may encounter a robber or may fall your smartphone in a road accident, or misshape. These incidents may be far more dangerous for you because your smartphone has information that can be handed in false man. Therefore, it is essential to protect your smartphone with a stolen phone finder app. In this article, we will tell how you can protect your phone with a stolen phone finder app.

What is a Stolen Phone Finder App?

A stolen phone finder app is an application-based tracking system that allows individuals to track their smartphone if it got stolen. This type of application usually is anti-theft or anti-lost and utilizes the free mobile GPS tracker to find stolen or lost mobiles. If your mobile is misplaced by anyone or just gets stolen, you can use this platform to find your smartphone.

Stolen Phone Finder Apps to Protect Your Smartphone

Individuals who are worried about their smartphones need to know about the phone finder app to get their phone back easily. In this section, we have compiled a list of phone finder apps for your ease and comfort.

  • Google Find My Device
  • Cerberus
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • McAfee Mobile Security
  • CrookCatcher
  • Prey
  • Where’s My Droid

Google Find My Device

Find My Device is one of the best anti-theft applications that has the most efficient built-in security options for Android. It enables users to lock their smartphone remotely and wipe its content along with signing out of their smart devices. By using its tracking option, you are free to locate your device on the map and call it through the accompanying application. The Find My Device feature of locating the device comes up with a default enabling system, you should check that you have not disabled it.


Cerberus is one of the best-stolen phone finders’ third-party applications that allow users to find their smartphones if they are misplaced. This application has a rich-featured phenomenon that its competitors don’t have to provide users with value. Users have three possible ways to protect and locate their devices on the map through text messages, automatic alarms, and web portals. You are free to wipe your device out of both external and internal memory along with your account. This app secretly takes photos and videos of robbers to make sure it ends in trouble with the law.

Anti-Theft Alarm

It is not the other normal applications because it does not have some phone locating and remote data wiping options. As the name shows, it is a theft deterrent app that is on the other side of the complexity scale. You are free to set an alarm that will ring when someone tries to misplace your device. It will ring when someone changes the SIM cards and while charging or even if it is dropped. Moreover, it will make an alarm sound even if your smartphone is in silent mode to alarm you.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is one of the most famous anti-virus applications for Android but also has some anti-theft features. This approach makes it the one-stop shop for users whoc and vulnerability control on their devices. It provides users with a specific anti-theft feature that enables them to lock their devices and app uninstallation protection. Further, they will get a thief camera that can capture the thief while he holds the smartphone. The device will be locked automatically when someone tries to unpin their device three times with the wrong password. It will lock itself until users enter the master password. This platform charges $30 dollars per year per device.


CrookCatcher helps individuals get their smartphones back and also assists them in catching the thief in real-time. If someone tries to unlock your device with the wrong password thrice, it will take a snap. This snapshot will be sent to your email account to let you know who is the thief. Further, in the email, you will get coordinates of the location of your device and the accuracy of location with a map. You are free to locate your device and get your smartphone back in real-time action.


However, with the use of Crookcatcher and the above-mentioned applications you can save your smartphone, but what for laptops and more? If this is your concern, then you should go for Prey, which is one of the best anti-theft mobile trackers. This platform allows you to track your tablets, laptops, and all other smart devices. Moreover, this platform has two versions like premium and a free version. The free version of this platform enables you to track three devices but limits you to entering the security zone. That is why you have to buy its subscription to track unlimited devices with its security solutions.

Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is one of the best anti-theft platforms that allows users to perform certain security options. For instance, they are free to wipe out their devices’ storage and perform a factory reset to further alarm their devices. These are included in its free plan and this has a paid version to allow users to have flexibility. Moreover, the paid plan of this platform has additional features, like taking images of thieves and geofencing. You will also get the passive location tracking option to find your device on the map and uninstallation of applications will be prevented.

Final Thoughts

Smartphones have become the need of this generation because it provides them with connectivity options with family and friends. When it gets stolen or misplaced, users will face troubles, like data concern issues and more. To help yourself, you are free to utilize some anti-theft and anti-lost applications to find your mobile phone back or at least remove your data from the system automatically. The above-mentioned applications are efficient anti-lost and anti-theft applications, some of them are paid and some are free.

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