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Top Smartphone Hacks That You Never Discovered

Smartphone hacks are life-saving tips and tricks that make your life easier and make your user experience more efficient. These hacks are often hidden inside the shortcuts, settings, and even the button combinations. Hence, the typical user who is only limited to using social media like Snapchat or Facebook remains in the dark about these features.

The best smartphone hack is the split screen mode, which makes multitasking easier for you, especially if you have a flip or notebook phone. You can run two applications side by side on the split screen using any application.

Similarly, some of the dual sim Android smartphones, like Samsung S23, are capable of running dual messenger, which allows you to install two applications for the messenger. It means you can run dual Snapchat, Dual WhatsApp, and Dual Facebook Messenger on the same phone.

But that’s not all; the list of the top smartphone hacks goes on, and we are here to share the best ones with you. In this article, we are going to talk about the top smartphone hacks that you never discovered on your mobile phone.

What are Smartphone Hacks?

Smartphone hacks refer to clever tricks, shortcuts or techniques that can be used to enhance the functionality of a smartphone. These hacks are often hidden features or settings that most users may not be aware of.

Top Smartphone Hacks

It is necessary for you to use smartphone hacks to enhance your smartphone’s functionality and efficiency. Here you will get some of the best smartphone hacks below:

Avoid In-app Ads

Many applications have in-built advertisements feature that allows advertisers to run ads in apps. Ads may feel like a stone in a piece of bread while eating and spoil your user experience. However, you can avoid in-app advertisements by turning on the Aeroplane mode or disconnecting from the internet. Turning your Wi-Fi connection off can avoid irritating advertisements and improve user experience.

Turn Your Smartphone in a Master Remote

Smartphones increasingly contain infrared blasters that have the ability to be connected to infrared-controlled devices. It means you don’t need a TV remote to turn your television on and off because you can do this through your smartphone. In addition, your smartphones are also functional in finding whether or not an infrared-based remote is functioning. Infrared rays can’t be seen through the naked eye but can be seen through a smartphone camera. In the camera’s viewfinder, infrared waves seem like white or purple lights.

Moveable Keyboard

Android mobile phones use Android operating systems to drive operations. It also allows you to use a moveable keyboard. If you missed it, Android operating systems let you move your keyboard wherever on display to suit your requirements. Click the three dots on the keyboard’s left side for other options. Select the floating keyboard option and adjust its transparency and size over your display. Moreover, you can fix your floating keyboard’s position wherever you want.

Run an Android OS on an iPhone

The idea of installing Android OS on an iPhone seems quite amusing. However, it is one of the amazing ways to see how the Android OS will work on an iPhone. The old series of iPhones, such as the iPhone 2G, allows users to download and install the Android OS. After installing the Android system, you can have access to many Android games that you may enjoy on your iPhone. Moreover, you are also allowed to install certain Android apps that Apple keeps on a blocking list.

Connecting Smartphones to TV

Connecting your smartphone to your television is really a basic hack, but only a few people know how to use this. There are many smartphones available in the market with small HDMI connections. HDMI connections allow you to connect your phone to your LED TV using a micro HDMI to HDMI cable. It also lets you watch movies and series in HD quality on your LED TV. You can also enjoy your games on a larger screen than your smartphone.

On-Handed Mode

Managing large smartphones with one hand can be challenging, especially when trying to reach the top corners of the screen. You can also face this issue when you are scrolling while lying down and want to reach the top corner. There are many smartphones, mostly Androids, that offer a feature called one-handed mode that has the ability to shrink your display. It can be used for easy navigation. This feature allows you to swipe diagonally from one of the bottom corners to shrink the display. It makes it more accessible for one-handed use.

Custom Gestures

Maximize the capabilities of your smartphone by creating personalized gestures. Most smartphones, including iPhones, offer gesture-based navigation that allows you to perform specific actions with some simple swipes and taps. You are able to assign gestures to launch specific apps and perform certain actions. However, assign gestures to open shortcuts to simplify your task. It would help if you customized gestures because they provide a faster and more personalized method to interact with your device.


Smartphone developers are constantly working on evolving your smartphone to make your lives more comfortable. In addition, manufacturers continue to introduce new features and hidden hacks to enhance the user experience. You can uncover hidden features that can transform your device by exploring the settings and experimenting with gestures. Also, stay updated with the latest smartphone tips and tricks to get an idea about new hacks. These top smartphone hacks mentioned above will make your life easier and unlock new possibilities. These hacks also enable you to harness your smartphone’s full potential. Customization of gestures will provide an extraordinary user experience to enhance your interest and the functionality of your smartphone.

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