Fusion 360 Features and Capabilities

Fusion 360 is software that many firms on the industrial scale have praised to be a productive resource for modeling. if you’re looking to get access to the best commercial-scale software for 2D and 3D modeling and load simulation.

The feature-packed services of this tool have brought very affordable options for industries, and you can avail of its services for free! We’d say that the capabilities and features of this software seem unrealistically true.

This software brings an all-in-one solution for industries that gives a complete architectural solution.

To give you a comprehensive overview of how 2D and 3D modeling for the commercial market works, we have written this detailed guide on what is Fusion 360 software. We will also give you an overview of the features of this software.

Therefore, we have brought you a complete walkthrough to explore the features and capabilities of Fusion 360 software. So, let’s get right into it!

What is Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 allows you to easily create 3D designs, manage data, collaborate on projects, develop toolpaths, and create simulations. You can access this software under a free trial via the Auto Desk’s website. This software brings you CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB software integrated in the whole package.

This Fusion 360 comes in two different options to choose from. You can access this software can be accessed for Students and Educators or you can avail the personal package.And the best thing about being a cloud-based tool is that you can access it from various platforms. Fusion 360 works on Windows and can be accessed via a web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Key Achievement of this Software

The purpose behind the development of Fusion 360 was to make the iteration and implementation of ideas more feasible and convenient. This unique tool brings a combination of Mechanical Designs, organic shapes modeling, and manufacturing as a whole.

How Can You Access Fusion 360?

Fusion 360 allows you to easily create 3D designs, manage data, collaborate on projects, develop toolpaths, and create simulations.

And the best thing about being a cloud-based tool is that you can access it from various platforms. Fusion 360 works on Windows and can be accessed via a web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Features of Fusion 360

Now that we have understood Fusion 360 let’s talk about its key features and how they contribute to various productive activities.

3D and 2D Design and Modeling

3D and 2D Design- Fusion 360

The best utilization you can get from this modeling software is its 3D designing capabilities which work for architectures. With this software, you can design models that form fit and work with diverse analysis methods.

Supports Various File Formats

Another productive feature that we discovered was that it supports non-native file formats. So, you can forget about any incompatibilities.

In addition to all that, you can perform sketching, direct modeling, surface modeling, mesh modeling, parametric modeling, freeform modeling, and PCB design integration.

Flat Formatting

You can also design sheet metal parts and components by drawing flat patterns. For this activity, you may need 2D drawings and DXFs. This modeling software works with water jets, laser cutting, and plasma machines to draw 2D-based designs.

Integrated Manufacturing

The integrated MCAD (Mechanical Computer Aided Drafting) lets you co-design efficiently. It simplifies the control setup and makes it easier to program CNC machines.

Integrated Manufacturing

With this software, you can make machines capable of designing 2D to 5-axis milling. Hence it makes the operations like probing, turning, mill-turning, and profiling more seamless with a powerful post engine.

Multi-Axis Simulation Milling

This modeling software gives you access to specialized 4 and 5-axis toolpaths to achieve quality surface finish.

Multi-Axis Simulation Milling

Moreover, you get a safer and more predictable axis control against automatic collisions with predictable machine motion. However, you have to subscribe to the Machining Extension to access this service.

Electronics Assistance

With this modeling software, you can turn your designs into real-life projects. All of this can be made possible with the help of automation under schematic design and PCB layout.

The schematic capture helps to save you time and effort by giving you access to thousands of components. You can connect circuits and develop custom attribute designs, all with a few clicks.

Data Administration

I guess we have elaborated sufficiently on the hardware, so now let’s talk a bit about the managerial aspect. This modeling software provides a centralized data management system. So, you can easily cope with and overview the unified development process.

It also gives you control over permissions, cloud storage, and version control.

Team Collaboration

Like data administration and management, you can also manage teams over this modeling software. It means you can now say goodbye to the traditional collaboration methods and say hello to modern utilization.

With this modeling software, you can keep everyone on board. You can engage in discussions and talk with stakeholders and teams in real-time.

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Additive Manufacturing

This is something unique and noticeable that collaboratively works with 3D modeling. This feature allows you to bring your soft-form designs into reality by creating physical prototypes. You can connect to a library such as Ultimaker, EOS, and Renishaw and build 3D-printed parts.

Design Optimization

Design optimization works best for exploring outcomes with manufacturing-ready results. So now, the software will give you suggestions on what to expect from your input by suggesting an approximate output.

Design Optimization

The design optimization makes the machine intelligent enough to recognize your requirements, constraint, and materials. This way, it generates manufacturing-ready designs with the help of Machine Learning.

Digital Simulation

Digital simulation of this software system helps to test your design against real-world simulation. So, it will simulate your products digitally and cut the costs of developing prototypes.

Digital Simulation

We discovered that the main element in the digital simulation was the fully validated solvers. That is why it gives an idea of how it works in real-world environments.


Last but not least, the feature is documentation assistance, an essential part of any project development lifecycle. You can create dimensions, notes, tolerances, and custom properties with this modeling software. In this way, you can keep the ideas and implementations in documented form.

Compatible on All Platforms

The best thing about using this platform is that it’s compatible with Mac, PC, and Chromebook. So you don’t have to install a special device or attach a special piece of equipment, nor a special operating system is required. Everything can be controlled from one cloud-based software.

Final Words

Fusion 360 software unlocks possibilities for you that are not usually found in traditional freeware development software. You may have to pay a lot to get these services, and still, it may lack some features. In addition to that, you get a whole package of project development in one. Overall, we can confidently label it as one of the best industrial manufacturing and modeling software.

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