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Top Tesla Accessories You Must Have in 2024

As technology is being evolved every day continuously people tend to reform their lifestyles in a better way. Traditionally, vehicles used to run on fuels like petrol or LPG. Now, times have changed, and many vehicles run on electricity, which is generated by electrons. Tesla is one of the firms that are trying to construct efficient electric vehicles. Since July 2017, the landscape of electric vehicles has been reforming due to the release of the Tesla Model 3. The terrain of its accessories is also reformed in many ways. In this article, we will tell you about the top Tesla Accessories that you must have in 2024 and beyond.

What are Tesla Accessories?

Tesla accessories are those objects or products of the Tesla company that are being used in their Tesla model vehicles. One of the most premium Tesla accessories makers is Tesloid, which provides customers with efficient and genuine products. Tesloid can be the one-stop shop for Tesla owners who want to maintain their luxurious cars.

The Best Accessories of Tesla You Must Have

Tesla owners who are seeking helpful Tesla accessories need to know about their requirements and preferences. Under this section, we have compiled a list of some helpful and useful accessories that you must have.

  1. Tesla Floor Mats
  2. Portable Air Compressor Pump
  3. Quick Tyre Repair Kit
  4. Heatshield/Sunshade
  5. Nonslip Chrome Performance Foot Pedals
  6. Door Open Button Label Sticker Set
  7. Cleaning Tool Kit
  8. Center Screen Protector 

Tesla Floor Mats

Electric vehicle makers aim to provide electric vehicles all over the world because they are environment-friendly vehicles. Every climate has its impacts; for example, rainy areas will have mud on every road. Therefore, for keeping your vehicle clean, floor mats are a must-have accessory in those types of areas. Floor mats help you keep your vehicle clean and safeguard it against bacteria. This product is also available on Amazon.


  • $69.95

Portable Air Compressor Pump

A portable air compressor pump is a necessary accessory for electric vehicles at this time. These types of accessories have been more important for those individuals whose vehicles have range anxiety. Furthermore, it is essential to maintain the pressure of air in your car tyres to acquire the optimal range. You are free to deflate your tyres to maintain your comfort over the optimal range. These products are available on Amazon at affordable prices. Products are available in different color schemes and options with different prices.


  • Blue, Option 1: $30.97
  • Red, Option 1: $29.87
  • Green, Option 2: $28.84
  • Yellow, Option 2: $29.35

Quick Tyre Repair Kit

A tyre repair kit is essential for individuals who travel around the city or hilly areas. Many electric vehicles do not have any spare tyre that you can replace by the punctured. There are many roadside assistance that can help you with that, but what if you are stuck in that type of space that doesn’t have them? Therefore, it is recommended to have a tyre repair kit in your car every time. It is available at the Amazon shop.


  • 30-Piece Tire Plugger Repair Kit: $39.49
  • 30-piece Deluxe Tire Plugger Repair Kit Hard Case: $49.39


There are many sunny areas in the world, like Dubai, which is one of the biggest Tesla vehicle importers. Therefore, tesla has come up with a solution to heat and sunshine with heat shields and sunshades. When the car is parked, it soaks more heat energy than moving. This is why heat shields or sunshades are essential for them to protect themselves against sunshine. Further, this product is available on Amazon for all of you.


  • $181.85

Nonslip Chrome Performance Foot Pedals

Nonslip Chrome Performance Foot Pedals are now more than stylish or luxurious accessories but it’s a necessity for fast drivers. So, if you have a Tesla car suppose the Model 3, then you should have these cool-looking nonslip chrome performance foot paddles for extra comfort and ease. These accessories are super easy to install and affordable for individuals to improve their cars’ look. Further, they are available on the Amazon store.


  • $19.99

Door Open Button Label Sticker Set

Sometimes, people forget where the open door button is in a hurry. So, they just keep rolling their hands on the doors. However, people are also used to utilizing mechanical doors instead of traditional ones. So, Tesla adopted this approach to provide their customers with comfort and ease. These stickers are available on the Amazon store and are also very affordable prices.


  • $8.49

Cleaning Tool Kit

Cleaning Tool Kit is necessary for individuals who have kids while traveling in their cars. Traditionally, many individuals used to clean their cars manually with dishwashers or caustic soda, usually called surf. So, keeping it in mind, many companies manufacture cleaning products that can kill germs and dust to clean it. Therefore, you need to purchase these products to keep your car clean and safe from germs that can cause disease. It is also available on the Amazon store.


  • $38.69

Center Screen Protector

A Center Screen Protector is necessary for those individuals who are driving a Model 3 Tesla. This protector helps keep your car display screen clean and scratch-free. It came up with a custom-made design for this Tesla model. However, this product is available on the Amazon store at a very affordable price.


  • $7.99

Final Verdict

Tesla is trying to evolve the vehicle industry by providing electric vehicles. However, most of Tesla’s models have fewer accessories for customers to offer comfort and ease. Therefore, they try to purchase them separately and make them feel like extra comfort and ease simultaneously. Customers are also free to predict their needs and preferences before buying any product. In doing so, they will be able to choose the most useful accessories for their drive and make it effective. For example, they can buy a cleaner kit and a tyre-fixing kit to make punctures at any time, anywhere.

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