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7 Best Online Food Ordering Applications That You Must Have

Food delivery applications have made life so much easier for the anxious urban Indian who would rather place orders than cook. Food delivery apps are gaining in popularity as never before, thanks to their affordability, variety of options, free home delivery, and other advantages. According to statistics, India will have 500 million mobile users by 2018.

There’s really no doubt that smartphone applications have become our go-to companions for anything and everything. Mobile applications have made our life so much simpler, from paying bills to purchasing groceries over the phone. Mobile apps on request are handy and simple to use, and they offer tempting discounts, coupons and speedier delivery.

1. Swiggy

Swiggy is the greatest meal ordering app available today. Swiggy is growing popularity across all age categories thanks to its dynamic UI/UX and straightforward pop ups. Swiggy has been a favourite amongst working-class millennials due to its quick delivery, live order monitoring, and lack of a minimum order.

Swiggy’s availability in practically all large cities is also welcomed. Swiggy’s popularity stems from the application’s specials and savings, as well as the huge number of eateries to pick from. For the convenience of users, several payment options, such as cash on delivery and payment processing using debit cards, have been incorporated. The thought that went into building the app is much welcomed, since it performs its job admirably.

2. Eat fit

Food delivery apps are always at the top of the agenda when it comes to mobile app ideas. One of the most critical concerns confronting today’s age is health. Maladies began to follow the Millenials as physical activity was drastically curtailed. An application that encourages you to eat more properly is a godsend.

The app offers nutrition instruction as well as access to nutritious meals. Before placing your order, you may browse for customised meal plans. Eat Fit is an application that encourages you to maintain a healthy diet. This particular application is more concerned about our health. You can get this free from

3. Foodpanda

All of your favourite restaurants and ethnicities are included in the app. The processes for completing your order are simple and quick. Foodpanda operates in a number of places and serves as a lifeline for many people who are looking for meals online for various reasons. Foodpanda’s other advantages that entice consumers include quick order delivery, special offers, discounts, coupons, and year-round savings.

4. Uber eats

UberEats was created when the taxi giant decided to investigate the meal delivery business. You may search for meals by category, locale, or eatery with this app. Three simple actions make booking meals a breeze. UberEats also provides users with live-time order monitoring the delivery boy and a variety of payment options.

By this facility, you can grab where your food is traveling. Food delivery applications, like e-commerce apps, have improved their standing in recent years. Because of the app’s popularity, other food delivery applications, such as Uber Eats, have entered the market. One of the leading delivery services to work for is Uber Eats. It is the perfect way to make some extra money on the side while doing your part to satisfy hungry customers with their favourite meals.

5. Zomato

Zomato will be the very first choice for all busy day schedules. Zomato, which began in Delhi and now operates in 24 countries, strives to provide better cuisine to more people. The app offers a high platform for enthusiasts to order their favourite dishes exactly how they want them. The app maintains strict sanitary and production standards. App shops for both iOS and Android are accessible. The user may satisfy their appetite at any moment by selecting from a range of eateries and meals.

6. Domino’s app

Pizza delivered hot and fresh to your home. There’s a pizza for each and every occasion in the Domino’s app. If you can enjoy that buttery crust in the cosiness of your own home, it will steal your hearts. The app guarantees a delivery time of 30 minutes. Another plus is how you can eat pizza while riding the train. Purchase your favourite pizzeria from the local Domino’s and the delivery worker will meet you at the next platform. They’ve gone a step further. Enjoy weekends with cheesy pizza and fast food by watching some from Com movies.

7. Shupple

During the lockdown, Shupple was most people’s saviour. It facilitates access to your neighborhood’s important retailers and eateries. Shupple is accessible in India and Australia, with over 85,000 goods and 4000 brands to choose from. Shupple now has the best cafés, fast food, and eateries in your town. It also offers promos, as well as safe payment and merchandise discovery.


Mobile is becoming increasingly important, and developing a mobile application has been considered a critical step. Food delivery apps are crowding the market, each with its own set of features designed to appeal to youngsters who are hooked on shopping online. Choose an application with the needs and requirements listed above choices.

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