A Look at the World’s Most Challenging Games

Game generally in recent time has transcend from just an option to sprung away time but an enigma of entertainment, development, ask, competition and a mean to test one capability among the elite.

However, despite this challenging tenacity of the modern games, there are some classic games that are more challenging due to unwavering tactical awareness and the need to juxtapose the superiority in every phase and ladder of the game.

Besides, video games are designed to challenge players. This is half the fun—pushing yourself to try out a new game, then slowly developing your skills and advancing to the next level. Depending on the type of games you prefer, you may also work with a team to accomplish your goals in a virtual world. 

However, it’s undeniable that some video games are ‘brainier’ than others. This means they require players to push their mental skills to the limit, drawing on things like critical thinking, memorization, and even mathematical probabilities before making their next move. As video games become more accessible and gaming categories diversify, these demanding games have become more popular.  

Some of the world’s toughest and brainiest video games are puzzle, real-time strategy, card, and even casual mobile titles. From PC gaming to console classics, there are truly challenging titles available for every type of gamer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the world’s toughest titles, which could make you smarter just through playing.


Poker is a family game time kind of game that bring people together to have as how a game should be, but in recent time, the intensity and popularity of the game ensure that game has become another mean to wager due to the game complexities.

Though, playing the game on the comfort of couch via the smartphone or PC, to some has reduces the fun associated with the game, but it only bring the popularity across

However, this game’s popularity may have you underestimating just how difficult Texas Hold’em and Omaha can be. Worldwide, millions of players enjoy competing in a variety of poker competitions—and they’ll each push their minds to the limit if they want to become a pro. This means memorizing hand values, breaking down player tells, employing diverse strategies, and even creating tournament-wide tactics.

Those who make it to the top competing online might even play in person for major events, like EPT Barcelona. Earlier this year, players from Canada to Brazil entered with the hopes of outsmarting other poker buffs.

Among Us

Let’s keep a tight focus on poker’s bluffing for a second. Among Us is a mobile game that requires players to weed out Imposters from Crewmates, just like poker players must call out bluffs. In fact, it’s this emphasis on reading other players that pushes the brain to its limit.

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Besides, the game is hard to crack type of game that relatively depends on team work, intuition, awareness, and other detective skills into action to scale through the challenges in an unchartered territory

While it might seem like a simple challenge, it requires memorization, attention to detail, and observational skills. Seemingly insignificant clues and hints take on a much more significant meaning as the game develops. Much like poker, it’s an easy game to pick up—but incredibly difficult to master.

The Witness

The puzzle like game has always been one of the most difficulty game to play irrespective of the time and tone of the game. More so, playing a puzzle inferred game needs the player to understand calculation and the swift smartness to relish the essence the game objectives and  playing The Witness is at the fore of giving that to all players

As one of the best puzzle games released in the last decade. The Witness is a hardboiled puzzle title, developers make no qualms about this game’s mission, which is delightfully vague: solve each puzzle to advance. With a summery and optimistic backdrop, many players are misled around how difficult the game will be. 

After all, how hard can it be to manipulate cables, grids, and panels? At first, these challenges start out easy, but they become increasingly complex. Plus, they don’t build on previous puzzles, so players must start from scratch with each new challenge.

Portal 2

Like The Witness, Portal 2 is considered one of its generation’s standout puzzle games. This 2011 title builds on the success of its previous release, which introduced millions to puzzle games. In the reboot, players are challenged with solving puzzles that are based on teleportation, using lasers, light bridges, and colorful gels to refract light and place portals. 

What makes it a truly brainy game is that it includes scientific laws that students of science and technology will recognize. This emphasis on STEM topics has separated it from other puzzle games. However, with its unique premise and Grade A acting, the increasingly difficult challenges are grounded in a thoroughly intriguing storyline.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege

This game might surprise some. After all, this super-popular FPS doesn’t seem to stand out compared to similar hits like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Call of Duty. However, a recent study of the world’s most popular games and their players found that gamers with the highest IQs in the world gravitate toward Rainbow 6.

When polled about why they like the game, players said it challenges them to create competitive strategies and tactics. Compared to other FPS titles, they have more freedom to create dynamic strategies. (Fun fact: the game with the second-highest player IQs from this study was Among Us.)


The game of chess has always been the mainstay for many generations with the advent of following a simple rule of moving some chess piece to capture the King.

How hard can it be to capture the King of an opponent chess piece, these challenges start out easy, but become increasingly complex as one move about each  piece of the chess game to expose the his King while sacrificing their powerful piece along the line.

While the elementary looks easy to play and master at all turn, playing the hardest level or or against an opponent with vision and calculative minds could expose one flaw rendering the game more difficult to comprehend.

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