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How to Play Mario 64 Unblocked- Step-By-Step Guidelines.

How to Play Mario 64 Unblocked- Step-By-Step Guidelines.

Mario 64 Unblocked is the first 3D model of the legendary game series Super Mario. The game brings back many nostalgic childhood memories for many people. In the hearts of gamers, the game has a very particular position. No matter how cutting-edge modern gaming technology gets, authentic games never forget their origins.

The game is pretty popular among a huge amount of people, but there are still some that do not know where they can play this game. That’s precisely what we are going to discuss in this article.

So, let’s delve in.

Methods to Play Mario 64 Unblocked:

Mario 64 Unblocked

Because this game is so ancient, it may be both simple and difficult to play. You may play this game using one of three basic techniques.

  • On Nintendo 64
  • Online on a browser
  • By downloading the game on a computer

Let’s discuss these methods one by one.

1.     Playing Mario 64 Unblocked on Nintendo 64:

Mario 64 Unblocked

Nintendo 64 is a video game console used to play different arcade games. It was launched on June 23, 1996, by Nintendo company. You can use this platform to play Mario 64 Unblocked pretty easily. Let’s discuss how.

  • First things first. Get yourself a Nintendo 64 console. Since the console was released decades ago, it might be a little difficult to get your hands on one. This barrier shouldn’t stop you from playing this super-classy game. To dodge this barrier, you have to find resources (mostly from the Internet) through which you can buy a new or used console.
  • Once you have acquired a Nintendo 64 console, connect it to a TV. There are several technology blogs online where you may obtain instructions if you don’t know how to accomplish it.
  • Once done, it’s time to input the Mario 64 Unblocked game cartridge. Input this game cartridge into your legendary Nintendo 64 console.
  • In the last step of this method, start the console and enjoy playing the game.

2.     Playing the Game Online:

Playing the Game Online

Now that the technology has become very advanced, you don’t have to worry about purchasing some old hard-to-get console to play this game. You can play it online pretty easily. All you need is a good internet connection and a fast-performing Internet browser.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Go to your favorite Internet browser on your smartphone or computer. Although we recommend using a computer to get the best gaming experience.
  • Once you are on the browser, search for “Mario 64 Unblocked.” Several website links will appear.
  • There are many platforms available on the internet that allows people to play this game online without any inconvenience.
  • Keep following the instruction that the website provides in order to play the game. The instructions can vary from site to site but the basic gameplay controls are the same for each.

3.     Playing The Game By Downloading it On a Computer:

This method is a little tricky and complicated. But let us simplify it for you. Here’s how it’s done:

  • You have to download the game ROM file from the Internet before you play the game.
  • The next step is to find yourself a good emulator. It will help you run the game on your computer.
  • Now, install both of these files on your computer.
  • After that, simply start the Mario 64 Unblocked game and let the fun begin.

That’s all you got to do to get yourself a smoothly running Mario game on your computer. This method is super-practical for people who do not have an Internet connection all the time. They can simply turn on their computer and play the game wherever they want without worrying about connecting to the Internet.

Things to Keep In Mind While Using These Methods:

Although all of the discussed methods are pretty authentic and convenient to use, there are a few things you have to keep in mind while doing so.

  • When you are buying a Nintendo console, be aware of the scams. There are chances that someone might sell you a fake or broken console. Only buy the console from authentic places. You can also take the help of the experts who have knowledge about consoles so you don’t get scammed by someone.
  • While choosing the platform you are going to play the game on, make sure to check its validity and authenticity. Otherwise, there are chances that you might compromise the security of your computer or smartphone.
  • Similarly, when you are going to download the ROM file and emulator from online resources, also check the authenticity of these resources.
  • Never use any illegal way to obtain and play the game. This can get you in serious legal trouble.


That’s pretty much it. Mario 64 Unblocked is a fun classic game that people still admire to this day after its release date decades ago. There are many people who still play this 3D Super Mario game. But there are also some people who love the game a lot but don’t know exactly how they can play this game.

To help these people play this legendary game, we have compiled a list of different methods that they can acquire to play the game. Although these methods are practical, employing them can be risky. We have also provided information about the things people have to keep in mind while acquiring these methods so they can stay safe.

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