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How to Cancel Amazon Music Subscription?

How to Cancel Amazon Music Subscription?

Amazon Music is the best platform to find a wide range of different music genres in a single place. But some people are finding it irritating for various reasons. Therefore, they are on the verge of getting rid of this music streaming platform. However, they face issues with membership cancellations for several reasons. To help you throughout this process, we have created this comprehensive guide depicting the best ways and methods to cancel Amazon Music subscription on different devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and many others. 

What is Amazon Music?

Amazon Music, previously famous for Amazon MP3, was launched in 2007. Since then, it has been the first preference for many individuals to listen to their favorite songs and music. Whether you have a taste for pop songs or want to send a romantic version to your angry wife, you will find something meaningful on this platform. Moreover, one of the best characteristics of Amazon Music is its cross-platform availability. In addition, if you are using a laptop or computer, you can acquire the web version. On the other hand, mobile users can download the application to enjoy music. Android users can find it on Playstore, while iOS users can access this through Appstore.

How To Cancel Amazon Music Subscription?

Previosuly, we mentioned that you can access this online music streaming platform from numerous devices. In the same way, you have to follow the different measures to cancel Amazon Music subscription in different ways. We have provided extended details for all device holders in the under-section. Follow the guide step-by-step for confirmed results.

A. Cancel Amazon Music Subscription On Mobile

Although the operating systems of Android and iOS mobiles are different, Amazon has launched almost similar interfaces for the mobile application of both. The functionalities are the same, with the difference in their positions only. In the following section, we will discuss how to cancel Amazon Music subscription on Android as well as on iOS mobiles. 

1 – Launch the Application

The mobile application of this streaming platform is available for the mobile users. If you haven’t it on your phone, install it from the respective source. Conversely, you need to update it if you are using an older version. It will streamline the cancellation procedure. Afterward, open the application for further steps. 

2 – Login to Your Account

Next, enter the username or password to log in to your Amazon Music account. If you don’t remember the credentials, try forgetting the password. In this way, you can restore your account.

3 – Open Account Settings

On the application interface, you will see a button, Account Settings. Android users can find it at the top right corner of the app, while iOS users need to locate it as it depends upon the version they are using.

4 – Music Setting

Android users have to follow an extra step after clicking the account settings. They will see a new window showing numerous options. Find the Music Settings and click on it.

5 – Cancel The Subscription

After following the above two steps, both Android and iPhone users will come across an option, Subscription. Press the button, and you will be redirected to a new popup showing the cancel option. After clicking on it, a confirmatory box appears. Following it, you can cancel your Amazon Music subscription to avoid the next deduction from your bank or cash app.

B. How To Cancel Amazon Music Subscription On Laptop/PC?

The foremost version of Amazon Music was developed for laptops and PC users. You can visit the platform by accessing the official URL of the site. With time, the mobile application has started replacing it. Still, it is the best way to go for office workers and gamers, who spend their maximum time, operating these gadgets. If you want to know how to cancel Amazon Music subscription on laptops or PC, follow the guide below.

1 – Open the Browser

On your laptop or computer, which you use to stream songs from Amazon Music, open the updated browser. 

2 – Reach the Official Site

Amazon Music has a web version for PC users, which can be accessible through the official website. Search Amazon Music on Google or another search engine you are operating. In the results, you will see the website. Click on it.

3 – Enter the Credentials

Enter the username and password in the respective section you generated at the time of account creation. In the case of not remembering them, press forget password button. Conversely, if you are already logged in, there is no need to enter the credentials.

4 – Head Toward Settings

You will see a settings icon on the Amazon Music website’s official homepage. Nevertheless, the position may vary depending on the screen size. By moving the cursor on it, you will see a drop-down menu. Press Your Amazon Music Settings.

5 – Cancel The Subscription

You will reach a new window after clicking the previously mentioned button. Then, locate the subscription menu and choose Manage. You will find the subscription option alongside the cancel button. After clicking it, you will end up with your membership on a laptop or PC.

C. Cancel Amazon Music Subscription On iTunes

If you have used iTunes to sign up, you should cancel the Amazon Music subscription by following the same platform. The proper steps are mentioned below.

  • Acquire your Windows PC or Macbook.
  • Open the installed application or access the web version of iTunes.
  • Locate the Menu button and click on it. Here you will find the View My Account button.
  • Find the Amazon Music option and click Manage.
  • Then, you will find the Subscription button.
  • Press the Cancel button to end the membership of Amazon Music.

Final Verdicts

All these are the details about how to cancel Amazon Music subscription. In conclusion, ending membership on the world’s largest music streaming platform is not challenging. The only difficulty arises when it comes to different devices and platforms. Further, you need to follow all the crucial steps, as a slight mistake can be the reason for the next deduction from your bank or cash app. That’s why we have created this guide to provide you with effective methods. That’s all about this guide. Stay tuned for more information!

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