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Jira Software

How we can Maximize Productivity with the Help of Jira Software

These days, half of the working community works online or from home. While working remotely, it becomes difficult for them to maintain a project schedule for a team with members from different time zones. They struggle to find some reasonable and reputable project management software with extensive features.

Jira software is a project-tracking software that helps software teams organize and track their projects remotely. You can work across different time zones. It will keep track of your project and provide you with different and amazing project management tools to manage your project by creating project pipelines.

In this article, we are going to explain to you all the ins and outs of the Jira project managing tool. We will explain to you all its features, advantages, and the ways it would increase your productivity. To get comprehensive information about this software, go through this article.

Introduction to Jira Software?

Jira is a project management software that was produced by Atlassian Company. It provides a wide range of tools that help you to manage your project remotely. When you are trying to produce a new software or some product, you will need to follow a definite workflow so that your software can be produced on time.

Jira software

There are almost 65000 companies that are using this platform according to their need and integrating it with other apps to increase their flexibility and productivity. This Jira tool provides a bug-tracking tool that will help in problem-solving and risk management.

Key Features

Jira Software comes with a lot of key features that make it more effective for your project management. These features are given below.

  • You can check each and every task’s progress on the dashboard of the Jira workflow page.
  • You can customize its work and get a personalized experience by making it work according to your team’s requirements.
  • It provides some 3rd party tools that can be additionally equipped with your Jira Software to complement its working more accordingly.
  • You will be able to have a detailed report of each and every project.
  • You can detect all the issues by going through the project reports.
  • Project timelines are created to follow the schedule.
  • You can save time and effort by the use of its automation that will detect repetitive tasks.

Who can get the benefits of using Jira Software?

Earlier, Jira was exclusively created for software development companies, but somehow, its project management and agile project developments became popular, and it became very successful. After becoming popular, Atlassian decided to expand it, and they created a wide range of tools for different users.

1.      IT teams

Jira Service Desk is mainly used by the IT teams of a company; help desk agents use these add-on designs for them. Support teams like call centre management use this service desk by Jira for issue ticketing and incident management.

2.      Software Developing Teams

Most software development companies go for Jira Software, which provides them with all the functionalities of agile management, which can be used for their daily task management. They use it for bug tracking and project management. It supports management teams like Agile framework and scrum, etc.

3.      Agile Enterprise Planning Teams

Jira has a wide range of tools that, includes a Jira Align tool, which is responsible for the agile planning of a team. It provides portfolio management and reports that support flexible frameworks and agile systems.

4.      Non-Technical Teams

Jira is not only limited to the technical teams; it is also used by non-technical teams. They use the core tool of Jira, which is basically for project management only. This tool is used for the regular tasks of a team, like change requests, workflow approvals, etc.

Advantages of using the Jira Project Management tool

This is a project management tool that is widely used by different organizations to increase their productivity. Platforms like Reddit, Twitter and Pinterest use this platform for their project management

Generating Reports

Generating reports of your projects is one of the finest features of this platform, making it the best among its competitors; it generates 16 types of reports that will help you to make more progress in your project by having reports of it so that you will be able to analyze your performance.

  • Time Tracking Report
  • Average Age Report
  • Created vs Resolved Issues Report
  • Single Level Report
  • User Workload Report
  • Pie Chart Report
  • Resolution Time Report
  • Single Level Group by Report
  • Recently Created Issues Report
  • Version Workload Report
  • Time Since Issues Report
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Burn down Chart
  • Velocity Chart
  • Sprint Report

Robust Agile Tool

Accessing its agile tool is one of the biggest advantages of using this platform. It is used for creating agile projects and scrum with scrum boards. Workflow and projects can be easily tracked in real-time very seamlessly. It can be easily analyzed which team or which member of the team is working well or who is not working according to the requirements.

Jira Software

Bug Tracking and Issues Management tools

Jira was solely created for the purpose of issue tracking, but with time, its tools and capabilities increased. Bug tracking and issue management are one of the core tools of this platform. All the bugs and issues can be easily tracked through this tool.

Privacy and Security

The main concern of a project developer is the security of his data and project. The data available on Jira have the encryption of AES 256

Multiple Use-Case Tool

Jira provides tools like Service Desk and Jira Core that are widely used by non-tech teams. The teams using these tools can always track their operational performance.


  • It doesn’t give any timeline views and Gant charts like others.
  • Not enough collaborating tools
  • Mainly designed for software developers.

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Jira Software is a well-known project management tool that was created for bug tracking, but later, it became famous for its project management. This tool can be used by several teams to increase their work productivity.

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