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Phone Is Overheating
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What to Do if Your Phone Is Overheating? Complete Guide

Overheating of smartphones is one of the main problems for gamers or excessive users of mobile phones. Smartphones have become an important component of our lives and daily usage. Unfortunately, some smartphones have weaker processors that catch the heat excessively after usage. With the increasing complexity of mobile devices and the demanding applications we use, overheating has become a common problem. An overheating phone not only affects performance but can also lead to severe damage. In this article, we will tell you the reasons behind phone overheating and provide practical solutions to keep your device cool.

What is Overheating of a Phone?

Overheating of a phone refers to the condition where the device’s internal temperature rises beyond the normal operating range. Smartphones, like any electronic device, generate heat during regular operation due to the various processes taking place within the device. However, when the heat generated exceeds the device’s capacity to dissipate it. While the temperature can rise to levels that are considered unsafe or beyond the manufacturer’s recommended limits.

Reasons Behind Overheating of a Phone

It is necessary to understand the reasons behind every problem to find its solutions. Here, you will find some common reasons behind the overheating of a phone:

Excessive Usage

One of the primary reasons for phone overheating is excessive usage of smartphones. You must understand that running resource-intensive applications and playing graphics-heavy games for extended periods can lead to increased heat generation. Multitasking simultaneously is also an excessive usage of smartphones which leads to overheating.

Environmental Factors

High environmental temperatures are also capable of contributing to your phone overheating issue. Exposure to direct sunlight or leaving your device in a hot car may elevate its temperature beyond operational levels.

Faulty Apps or Software

Poorly coded or malfunctioning applications also cause your phone’s processor to work harder than necessary. This will lead to increased heat production or overheating of a phone.

Outdated Software

You should know that running an outdated operating system (OS) may result in inefficient resource management. It will potentially cause your phone to have overheating issues.

Hardware Issues

Damaged or malfunctioning hardware components, such as the battery or processor, can lead to overheating. It is crucial to have solutions to hardware issues promptly to prevent further damage.

What to Do When Your Phone Overheats

Now that you have gotten to know the reasons behind overheating, it’s time to find solutions to this problem. Here, you will get some of the best solutions to the overheating of a phone:

Give Your Phone a Break

Firstly, if you notice your phone getting unusually hot, the primary step is to give it a break. Close resource-intensive applications and allow the device to cool down. You should avoid using it for related tasks until the temperature returns to normal.

Remove the Case

Phone cases are able to trap heat that contributes to overheating of the device. It is necessary to know that removing the case allows better airflow, helping the device dissipate heat more effectively.

Limit Background Processes

You are allowed to adjust your phone’s settings to limit background processes. Closing unnecessary apps and reducing multitasking may influentially reduce the burden on your device’s resources.

Update Your Software

Make sure that your phone’s operating system and applications are updated. You may know that developers frequently release updates to improve efficiency and address performance issues, including overheating.

Check for Malicious Apps

You can run a thorough scan for malicious apps using reputable antivirus software to make them clean from any virus. Malware or rogue applications strain your phone’s resources, which leads to overheating problems.

Optimize Display Settings

Lowering screen brightness and reducing the screen timeout duration also minimizes the workload on your phone’s GPU. Moreover, it contributes to temperature reduction and saves your device from overheating.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

You should keep your phone out of direct sunlight, especially during hot weather. Exposure to high temperatures may not only lead to overheating but also cause long-term damage to the battery.

Proper Charging Practices

Use original or reputable chargers and avoid charging your phone in direct sunlight or on surfaces that can trap heat. It is important to consider that overcharging can also contribute to excess heat generation, so unplug your phone when it’s fully charged.

Check for Hardware Issues

If the overheating persists, it’s crucial to check for potential hardware issues. You can inspect the battery for swelling or damage and consult a professional if required. Damaged components may pose a safety risk and may need replacement of that component.

Factory Reset as a Last Resort

If all else fails and your phone continues to overheat, a factory reset might be necessary for your device. You should ensure you back up essential data before taking this step, as it will erase all the data on your device.


An overheating phone causes problems, but with the proper precautions and actions, you can mitigate the risk of damage and ensure optimal performance. Regular maintenance, proper usage habits, and staying transparent for signs of trouble are vital in keeping your smartphone cool and functioning at its best. You must remember prevention is often more straightforward than dealing with the consequences of an overheated device. Therefore, you should adopt good practices to keep your phone running smoothly.

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