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How to Add Narration To Your Screen Recordings on iPhone?

Adding narration or voiceover is one of the biggest concerns for iPhone users nowadays because this provides effective solutions. Usually, the option to add narrations in screen recording on iPhone is disabled and users have to add the option. Individuals record screens to provide instructions to their friends and family members to perform a certain task effectively. Sometimes, it is awfully unpredictable for others to follow instructions because they may not physically fit. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on adding narration to your screen recordings on your iPhone.

What is Screen Recording?

Screen recording refers to the process of capturing visuals of display whether on remote devices or desktops. The process of recording can be performed on multiple devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and desktop computers. Apple users are also free to perform it on their devices with or without audio because of microphone accessibility.

Why Record Screens?

There are multiple reasons why you need to record screens while performing some technical or general action on your devices. You can share your recording of performing such technical action with those who don’t know how to do it accurately. Whether not every single person is physically fit they need solutions to their complex problems like updating the iOS system.

With the help of screen recording, are free to provide them with effective solutions to update their iOS system. If you are a content creator, then this procedure will be your perfect choice to create helpful and informative content. By doing so, you will be able to engage your target audience with yourself effectively to get enhanced conversion rates.

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Tactics to Add Narration to Screen Recording on iPhone

Individuals who are willing to add narration to their screen recording need to know some effective tactics to do so. In this section, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on adding narrations to your iPhone effectively and accurately.

  • Go to the Control Centre
  • Select Microphone
  • Start Your Recording
  • Stop Your Recording

1- Go to the Control Centre

Whether you have the latest model of Apple smartphone device, you need to locate your settings. Further, navigate to the control centre and enable the button next to the screen recording.

2- Select Microphone

After adding the screen recording button, you need to touch and hold the grey record to enable the screen recording. By doing so, you will be able to locate the microphone option to allow your device to record audio.

3- Start Your Recording

Now, you have to navigate back to the control centre and hold the screen recording option until the countdown starts. After the countdown, the screen recording will start including your device’s entire screen. Further, you are free to perform what you for exactly when you start recording the screen with audio.

4- Stop Your Recording

After recording the complete scenario or action, you are free to stop recording. You need to tap on the red status bar which is at the top of the screen to stop recording. Moreover, your recording will be stopped and saved in your device’s recording folder for later access.

Tactics to Add Narration to Screen Recording on Mac

Some individuals are curious about how they can record their screen on Mac with the addition of narration. In this section, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on adding narration to screen recording on Mac.

  • Open QuickTime Player from Your Applications Folder
  • Choose Record-setting
  • Select a Microphone
  • Start Recording
  • Stop Your Recording

Open QuickTime Player from Your Applications Folder

Firstly, whether you are using the latest model of Mac or a previous to later on, you have to navigate QuickTime Player. Now, you have to select the “new screen recording from the menu”.

Choose Record-setting

Further, you have to set up your screen recording by navigating through the arrow next to the recording button. This approach will help you set your screen recording effectively and get the most out of this procedure.

Select a Microphone

Now, if you are willing to add narrations to your screen recording then you need to navigate to your microphone. After enabling your microphone access, your device will automatically record your audio according to your preference.

Start Recording

It is time to record the entire screen of your device. You have to click on the record button before clicking on the screen to start recording your entire Mac’s screen. Moreover, you can utilize the second option of a dragable window to start recording a specific area of your screen.

Stop Your Recording

After performing the whole action, you are free to stop your Mac screen recording by hitting the “Stop” button. Your recording will be saved on your device’s recording or download folder whether you choose to save your recording.

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Advantages of Adding Narration to Your Screen Recording

There are multiple advantages of screen recording with narrations because it delivers several solutions to individuals. In this section, you will get some benefits of adding narration to your screen recording.

  • Save Time
  • Enhanced Engagement with Your Audience

Save Time

If you are a content creator, you always need to edit your videos to add instructions for better outcomes. By adding narration to your screen recording, you will no longer need to edit your recording, which ultimately saves time.

Enhanced Engagement with Your Audience

By adding narration to your screen recording, you will be able to provide your audience with in-depth information and instructions. This approach will enhance the engagement rate of your target audiences with you.

Final Verdict

The process of recording the screen with narration has become essential for individuals as well as for content creators. It assists them in providing their audiences with helpful instructions and information about the certain process they perform. The above-mentioned steps both for iPhone and Mac are helpful for you to record your screen with narration. This approach will provide you with several benefits like it saves time and enhancing your engagement with your target audiences.

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