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Journaling Using Your MacBook: Here Are Warning Signs Your MacBook Might Be Dying

macbook might be dying

There is no denying that a MacBook is one of the most powerful devices you can have when journaling. It is safer than a book especially if you are the kind of person who likes to keep their thoughts private. You will never have to worry that your journal may land in the wrong hands causing those cringe situations. However, like any other electronic device, the laptop can develop issues over time for different reasons.

A MacBook can last you for the longest time possible however, it cannot last forever. You need to know when your laptop is dying or has developed issues to see if it is time to replace it. Besides, it is better to know earlier that there may be a problem to avoid the inconvenience of being unable to journal at the time you really need it the most. The following are warning signs that your Mac is dying and simple ways to fix the problems.

Battery Not Charging

This is one of the common signs you notice when your device has lived its life. Your battery will not be able to retain charge the same as when new. However, if the battery drains too fast or can no longer hold the charge, it is an issue you will have to fix. You may not need to replace your laptop, but you will need a new battery.

Weird Noises

You might also start noticing weird noises from the system or the fan. A grinding sound from the hard disk could mean wear and tear. Replacing the components is expensive but something you must consider. Therefore, if you notice weight noises from a once quiet laptop when you switch it on, consider having it looked at and repaired.

Sudden Restarts

Sudden restarts accompanied by a white screen are known as kernel panics. You may also get a message saying the laptop will restart due to an error. Kernel panics are caused by an issue with the hardware, like the CPU or RAM. It could also be because your laptop is low on disk space. Therefore, you should be worried if the computer suddenly restarts and there is a white screen that does not display the logo. You can click here to see how you can fix the white screen issue. Try other remedies, like disconnecting any peripherals that could be causing the problem. Another thing you need is to clear disk space by deleting files or booting the laptop in safe mode.


Is the laptop freezing frequently, or are apps crashing? Many things could be causing such issues. It could be insufficient disk space, or you are overworking the machine. In such a case, clear disk space and check your memory for issues. You can also run Disk Utility to know where the problem is coming from or delete the heavy apps consuming a lot of RAM.

Mac Keeps Forgetting Settings

Does your Mac keep forgetting settings? When the machine shuts down, most settings are stored in the NVRAM or PRAM. That means that they can get lost if something goes wrong. Therefore, you may have to reset it every time you boot the machine.

Not Booting

You might run into a frenzy if your Mac does not boot correctly. An issue like a white screen, black screen or an error message can drive you crazy. In most cases, the problem usually is with the cable, software update, or an inferior update. The best way to handle this problem is to check the cables to ensure everything is plugged in correctly. You can also solve it by booting the device in Safe Mode and reinstalling the OS.

Bottom Line!

Ensure you take your Mac to a qualified repairer or Apple store to have it fixed if you are experiencing these issues. Stay positive and keep journaling those thoughts!

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