Top Customer Experience Tools for Product Managers

Customer experience has become the most essential factor in the success of a business. Providing customers with easy and comfortable access to offerings is called customer experience. There are many tools available in the market that help businesses provide customers with appealing customer experiences. Further, these tools help businesses acquire great success in their industries and enhance conversion rates. Therefore, it has become essential for businesses to adopt these tools to get an edge over their competitors and success. In this article, we will tell you about the top customer experience tools for product managers.

What are Customer Experience Tools?

Customer experience tools are software or platforms that assist companies in improving customer interactions and their level of satisfaction. These tools also help businesses understand their customers’ needs and preferences, and customer experience, handle customers’ queries, and how to interact. Further, businesses can also get insights into their customer experience process to improve it for better results.

Best Customer Experience Tools for Product Managers

Businesses that are seeking ways to succeed need to know how they can improve customer experience in less time. Customer experience tools can help them by paving the road to improve customer experience to acquire success. Here, you will get to know some of the top customer experience tools for product managers:

  • Help Scout
  • Drift
  • MoEngage
  • Copper CRM
  • Qualaroo
  • Hotjar
  • Zendesk

1- Help Scout

Firstly, we have decided to choose Help Scout from our list of top customer experience tools because of its features. It provides businesses with a communication feature that will help them communicate with their customers in a better way. This platform has some efficient tools that assist businesses in sharing inboxes, AI tools, proactive messaging, and documentation.

Pros and Cons

There is nothing that exists and has no benefits or disadvantages so do Help Scout. Here, you will get to know some pros and cons of Help Scout:

Live ChatNo Onboarding 
Multiple Inbox Organization


  • Standard: $20/month
  • Plus: $40/month
  • Pro: $65/month

2- Drift

Drift provides businesses with a conversation cloud that allows them to meet the buyer at the right time. In doing so, they will be able to get the deal done with a higher rate of success. This platform has the ability to offer businesses AI tools that help them improve their customer experiences.

Pros and Cons

Many products and services have some benefits but also pose cons that slow down the process. Here, you will get to know some pros and cons of Drift:

User-Friendly Chatbot BuilderSlow and Limited Customer Support
Detailed Analytics ToolBugs and Errors


  • Premium: $2,500/month
  • Advanced: Connect to Know
  • Enterprise: Customizable

3- MoEngage

MoEngage is one of the best insight-led tools in the market that offers personalized engagement across channels based on insights. Moreover, businesses are free to design their own customer engagement strategies with the gathered insights and analytics. Organizations also have the potential to create accurate customer profiles and data-driven requirements based on target audiences’ needs.

Pros and Cons

Here, you will get to know some pros and cons of MoEngage:

Pros Cons
Data InsightsAttribution
Multi-channel Campaign ManagementSlow Onboarding


  • Connect to Know

4- Copper CRM

Copper is one of the most efficient tools that offer easy-to-confront customer relationship management (CRM) to manage sales. Moreover, this platform helps businesses to make strong customer relationships to enhance the satisfaction level of customers. Organizations are free to handle repetitive tasks and track sales opportunities by using Copper CRM.

Pros and Cons

Here, you will get to know some pros and cons of Copper CRM:

Copper Chrome ExtensionLimited API Requests
File RetrievalLack of Customization Options


  • Basic: $23/month
  • Professional: $59/month
  • Business: $99/month

5- Qualaroo

Qualaroo provides businesses with an automated research forum that is designed to assist customer-facing teams in collecting customers’ behavioral insights. These gathered insights help businesses to design their customer’s experiences in an attractive way to build their trust. Qualaroo has the potential to launch an automated survey on the site to analyze customers’ responses to provide available data.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Qualaroo:

Analyze Customer InsightsNo Industry Templates
Find UX Issues


  • Free
  • Business: $12.99/year

6- Hotjar

Hotjar is one of the best customer experience tools that provides businesses with advanced features to improve their interactive activities. It offers a feature called Funnels that will identify a certain page with a higher drop rate or churn rate. With the advanced heatmaps feature, organizations can find a way how they can engage customers with their offerings.

Pros and Cons

Here, you will get to know some pros and cons of this customer experience tool:

Effective Heat MappingClunky User Interface
Value for MoneyLimited Plan Tiers and Restrictions


  • Basic: $0/month
  • Plus: $32/month
  • Business: $80/month
  • Scale: $171/month

7- Zendesk

Lastly, we have added Zendesk to our list of the top customer experience tools for product managers. This platform has the capability to provide desktop users with cross-channel support for a better communication model. Zendesk has advanced routing features that direct customer inquiries to the most suitable agents or teams based on their expertise and workload. This ensures faster and more accurate issue resolution, thus enhancing customer experience.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of this platform:

Pros Cons
Value for MoneySystem Crashes Sometimes
Easy to Use


  • Suit Team: $55/month
  • Suit Growth: $89/month
  • Suit Professional: $115/month
  • Suit Enterprise: Customizable

Final Verdict

Customer experience tools are essential factors in the success of businesses because they help them improve customer experience. The above-mentioned tools are efficient in their features and are well-programmed to provide businesses with insights into their CX process. Further, these insights assist businesses in improving their customer experiences, which will enhance customers’ satisfaction levels.

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