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why modern companies need data engineers

Why Modern Companies Need Data Engineers

The relevance of data has grown over the last five years, and data experts have flooded the commercial space. Having realized the ability of data to improve business processes, companies are finding ways to leverage data. And data scientists and data engineers are the right experts for the job.

You may have realized just how useful data scientists and Artificial Intelligence Specialists are to your company, but what about data engineers? In 2020, data engineering was considered the 8th fastest-growing profession according to a LinkedIn report, far behind data scientists (3rd) and AI specialists (1st). These three fields are very much related. But this post shows you why a Data Engineer is just as relevant to your company as the others.

Data engineers improve the efficiency of data scientists

The demand for data scientists is getting higher than the supply. The likely reason is that companies are unable to derive the maximum output from their current data science team and are looking to recruit more to spread the workload. What they do not know is that all they need is to improve the efficiency of their existing data science team by increasing their productive time. That’s where data engineers come in.

Data engineering involves obtaining, cleaning, and integrating data. This clears up all the upfront tasks, enabling data scientists to dig into the already clean data and solve whatever problem needs to be solved. Without data engineers, data scientists will waste valuable time trying to first build the data before actually going into their actual job role. This reduces their productivity overall.

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Modern business requires a data-based approach

We all know that companies in today’s world need to be more data-driven. However, not many are taking advantage of it. Less than 50% mention data and analytics as key components of their strategies.

But this figure is much better than ten years ago, and we expect to see more companies incorporating big data into their strategies in the coming years. And data engineers will be at the forefront.

Of course, data science and AI are already here, and they tend to excite corporate executives. But as already mentioned, data scientists are not enough to transform the business into a data-driven entity. Their output will be minimal because they do not have clean data to work on.

The best value from data is obtained when science is paired with engineering.

Your data will only increase

Data provides insight for growth and better decision-making. And as you grow, you acquire more data. It’s an unending cycle that gets ever bigger.

And as your data grows, managing it grows as well. So you want to ensure you have the capacity for:

  • Cleaning and analyzing large volumes of data
  • Securing the data
  • Data regulation and compliance
  • Building a data platform for scalable analytics
  • Automating and auditing data
  • Scaling data pipeline throughput

All of these tasks fall within a data engineer’s core competencies.

Of course, there’s a challenge: finding and recruiting the right data engineers for your in-house team. It is expensive. But that’s why many US companies are looking towards data engineers in Latin America. Doing so minimizes the hassle and cost of hiring such a critical profession.

If you’re serious about becoming a data-centric organization, then it’s important to have measures in place to manage your data. From data security to privacy and compliance, you should be well on your toes. After all, a company can go from hero to zero due to poor data management policies.

The bottom line

The world has changed greatly, and data has come to rule the business sphere. Companies that want to lead in the near future must equip themselves with futuristic strategies now, such as getting access to data engineers. By doing so, such companies will have already benefited massively from the trend before it gets full-blown and others start scurrying to buy into the idea.

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